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Specialists in the signage industry

Awal Plastics has been a market leader in signage and traffic solutions for over 50 years. Founded in 1969, Awal Plastics today employs over 300 people. With its headquarters in Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain, Awal Plastics serves leading brands around the Gulf. For more than four decades, Awal Plastics has been admired for its performance and imaginative spirit. From storefront signage to outdoor signage, including traffic signage solutions, ATM kiosks to promotional signage and point of purchase material to road signage, Awal Plastics is dedicated to turning imaginative ideas into visual solutions.

It’s a call to action that engages the unceasing curiosity, passion and drive to do the best in everything what Awal Plastics does. When it comes to quality, Awal Plastics thinks beyond the answer. In the end, the success is measured not only by the ability to think big dazzling thoughts but by the commitment that brings ideas to life. It’s the way - thinking and doing - that has been at the heart of the companys success. This reflects the energy and spirit of a company that has a solid foundation. Always with unyielding integrity, Awal Plastics is committed to achieving leadership in each of its business segments. To achieve that leadership, Awal Plastics’ ongoing business strategy centers on three key growth initiatives: Product Quality, Customer Focus, Technical Leadership

The quality products that dramatically improve customers’ competitive positions of Awal Plastics. The new vision includes investing in business and technology to improve performance quality. Customer focus is ensuring that everything the company does provide value to their customers. It means creating a partnership which combined with expertise maximizes customer profitability and ensures quality. This means finding and attracting the unlimited pool of intellectual capital - the very best people - from all around the world who understand customers and can provide solutions to their needs. Awal Plastics is committed to leadership in the “next generation” of technology. They are well positioned to drive growth into the future with excellence in each sector by acquiring leading technical capability to improve quality and support increasing new product growth.

Mr. Abdulla A.R. Bucheeri, Technical Director at Awal Plastics:

'The trust and partnership we have built with eurolaser are a key to our success through investing in high end and next generation technologies. This is enhanced through their (eurolaser) fast and timely response to our calls and urgent needs. eurolaser is a partner in our success story.'

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Awal Plastics
Manama / Kingdom of Bahrain

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