Integration of people with disabilities

AIZ gGmbH is an integration company founded in 2007 with the aim of integrating and qualifying people with disabilities. The special skills and talents of these people should be utilized and supported correctly here in order to enable integration into society. AIZ gGmbH has a product range that includes, for example, some of its own products, but also sheet metal processing, metalworking, laser welding, welding, cutting and 3D printing. The integration company was founded in 2007 as part of the Lebenshilfe Zollernalb Foundation.

For example, AIZ gGmbH processes many different materials for cutting, both internally and for external orders. For example, boxes, packaging, displays, banners, fabric cuttings, foam cuttings, sound insulation etc. are produced.

The state-of-the-art laser technology from eurolaser allows a wide variety of materials to be processed. The integration company AIZ creates a new niche technology that can be offered and is meant to attract new customers. Different materials can be laser cut or otherwise processed. The laser impresses with its wide range of options. In addition to the laser head, other tools can be attached to eurolaser systems so that routers, knives and other processing options can also be used. AIZ gGmbH is known for precision and the highest quality of processing and the laser cutter will continue to support the company on their task.

Clean and precise laser cutting

The laser technology used is a wonderful addition tot he values of AIZ gGmbH. Due to the absolute contactless cutting process, the precision of the cut can be increased to the highest level. Clean, repeatable cuts are particularly important for contract work. Laser cutting machines allow efficient, automated work as well as the details and subtleties that are absolutely necessary for some procuts. The production and manufacture of AIZ gGmbH is therefore an ideal companion.

To the laser system XL-3200

Human out of conviction

But AIZ gGmbH not only impresses in the area of precision and quality, the company also has the best reputation when it comes to humanity and social issues. Integration and inclusion are becoming increasingly important issues. AIZ exemplifies this, as an inclusive company for severely disabled people, while other companies are still lacking.

Good prospects – we are looking forward to further cooperations!


Albstadt-Lautlingen / Germany

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