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We make it fit

Since 1984, A.B.S. has been producing a wide range of silo variants that offer customers endless possibilities for storing bulk goods. The founder's idea at the time was to use textiles instead of metal for silo construction - just as stable and resilient, but significantly more sustainable and flexible. A design that was able to establish itself: Today, the name A.B.S. is synonymous worldwide with high-quality, flexible silos with decades of service life, successfully used around 100,000 times in industry, agriculture and wood pellet storage. With customised solutions tailored precisely to your requirements, we make it fit - guaranteed.

A.B.S. specialises in customised solutions for all bulk material handling issues relating to the storage, conveying, dosing or discharge of bulk materials. The company relies on technical expertise through 3D planning and the use of the eurolaser, even for very large blanks. Benefit from around 40 years of experience as a manufacturer and planner, making A.B.S. a reliable production partner for its customers. Over 100,000 flexible silos made of high-strength, high-tech polyester fabric have now been installed worldwide.

"The eurolaser, 3XL-3200 Conveyor, impressed us right from the start. The non-contact cutting allows us to achieve high dimensional accuracy with a perfectly welded cutting edge. Even complicated shapes can be realised without any problems.

With the enormous processing width of 3.2 m, our large-format cuts can also be realised and nesting has reduced waste to a minimum. The unique design with endless processing (conveyor) guarantees that our fabric pieces are always processed in their entirety - i.e. without being cut into pieces. This saves us the effort of sewing parts together, for example. 

The care and support provided by eurolaser is remarkable in all respects. And right from the start, the laser has been supplied with energy from our own photovoltaic system, which conserves resources."

Laser cutting at A.B.S.

The 3XL-3200 laser cutting machine is the giant in the eurolaser cutter series. Textile processing from the roll is possible up to a width of 3,210 mm. A seamless cutting process enables the processing of very large formats in particular. The Ink Marker Module provides the sewing markings (snips) required by A.B.S for textile finishing. The universal jet system is controlled by compressed air and is supplied with ink via a refillable tank. The adjustable nozzle (2-5 mm line width) can be used to mark materials such as polyester, polypropylene and almost all natural fabrics.

High-tech polyester fabrics

Natural products such as grain and agricultural feed have very special requirements, which A.B.S.'s breathable and at the same time dust-tight silos fulfil particularly reliably. Even with the tried-and-tested outdoor silos, no condensation forms, which effectively prevents mould growth. With hundreds of standard sizes, A.B.S. is one of the leading and most innovative companies.

Advantages of laser cutting polyester fabrics:

  • Clean and perfect cutting edges - no reworking necessary
  • No material fixing required - thanks to vacuum table
  • No material push-out as with punching - due to contactless and force-free processing
  • No blade cleaning required - no sticking of the individual parts after cutting
  • No tool wear and therefore consistently high cutting quality
  • High flexibility in contour selection - without tool creation or change

Product samples:

A.B.S. Silo- und Förderanlagen GmbH
Osterburken / Germany

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