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Textiles for interior facilities

The wonderful country of Switzerland is synonymous with Schwyzer dutsch, schoggi (chocolate), Alphorns, hi-tech and an intoxicating blaze of colours. And you will find a concentrated dose of this special form of intoxication for the visual senses at Création Baumann, that is to say 6000 different colour variations for textiles – pure pleasure with no risk for life and limb or your driving licence.

Textiles for interior facilities

Création Baumann is an independent family run business that designs, manufactures and sells high quality textiles for interior facilities all over the world. But if you think the company is just another textile manufacturer, then you are mistaken. Quite the opposite, it is synonymous through out the world for beauty, a sensual feeling of well-being and tailor made curtain systems that meet the highest of aesthetic requirements.

Admittedly it may seen strange that we do not cultivate our own cotton fields in Langenthal, there is no herd of sheep grazing on the companies lawn either to supply us with wool. But we Swiss have united all the other steps in the textile value-added chain under one roof. From our own weaving and dying mills down to our own design atelier where we create unconventional, extravagant or, to put it in a nutshell, quite simply beautiful things.

Among other things, our product range includes customized creations for interior shading systems as well as light control, dimming and sound absorption solutions and - last but not least  - our laser collection, i.e. textiles that are expertly enhanced using a large size eurolaser 2XL laser cutting system.

To the laser system 2XL-3000

Textiles for interior facilities

So you see both are possible in seemingly tranquil Switzerland: international competitive power thanks to investment in new technologies plus the extra benefit of having aesthetic and functional demands met to the full.

Switzerland is always well worth visiting. And when you are there, what better souvenirs could you ask for than schoggi, Alphorns or textiles from Création Baumann?

Création Baumann AG
Langenthal / Switzerland

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