The european specialist for individual product presentation at the P.O.P.

An attractive product is of course vital for shop owners and customers alike, but it is equally important that goods are presented and displayed appropriately at the Point of Purchase (P.O.P.). CEDIC GmbH from Heilbronn has taken up this challenge. A European-based company for POP marketing, CEDIC shops & presentation manufactures eye-catching solutions for shop-in-shop systems, one label stores, beauty shops, floor stand displays, counter displays and on-shelf systems.

CEDIC production area

CEDIC has expanded hand in hand with its multitude of exciting and challenging industrial-scale P.O.P. projects and services and now employees around 150 people. The production takes place in two adjoining production plants with a manufacturing space of 20,000 m², which can be allocated to suit the needs of individual projects. In peak times a 3-shift system can be set up so there are no production bottlenecks.

More than 'just' a displayer – CEDIC offers much, much more!

Laser cutting in the POP sector for clothing

CEDIC stands ready to assist its customers in achieving a successful and efficient P.O.P. project at every step of the way: it offers a full service (design, development, production, delivery, installation, returns and recycling) at competitive prices and with short and punctual delivery times. It goes without saying that each of these services can be drawn on individually! In order to ensure the excellent quality of its products and services at all times CEDIC has implemented a rigorous risk management system and is of course DIN ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Not having enough space to store the goods you have ordered is no problem, either. CEDIC GmbH owns a computerized warehouse that can accommodate over 15,000 pallets. So you can leave your goods in interim storage and have them delivered anywhere in Europe at a time that is convenient for you.

Laser cutting in the POP sector for cosmetics

Fast, economical, flexible

As a renowned manufacturer of product presentation systems CEDIC has been cooperating with well-known partner companies throughout the whole of Europe for about 50 years now. These include companies from the cosmetic branch as well as the clothing and electronics industries. For the most part CEDIC uses a mix of materials such as acrylic, glass, wood and various metals, which the company from Heilbronn purchases from reliable suppliers. CEDIC processes the materials in-house in its own vacuum, injection moulding, CNC milling, laser cutting, digital and screen printing departments as well as bending, gluing and assembling the goods by hand.

Therefor CEDIC maintains an extensive machine park which also includes a laser system from eurolaser. There are virtually no limits to the processing possibilities thanks to the use of laser technology and all areas of the displays production are ideally covered – the flexibility of the laser allowsthat all customer requirement can be met individually without the need of time-consuming setup procedures.

To the laser system M-800

Laser cutting in the POP sector for electronics

Ralf Vogelsang, production manager at CEDIC shops & presentation:

‘We can make customer wishes come true with the laser technology from eurolaser – our finished display products feature an ideal interaction of design and technology.’

Its wide range of services, a state-of-the-art machine park that is continuously expanded, expertise and competence, consistent value engineering and excellent service make CEDIC shops & presentation your reliable partner for individual, tailor-made display solutions of the highest quality. Anywhere in Europe.


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