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You find them everywhere, in high-tech devices, medical technologies, mobile phones, electrical household appliances, remote controls or industrial machines. Flat keyboards have definitely made a break-through worldwide and across all branches. Modern industrial design combined with a compact construction make them the ideal economical solution for input elements.

Membrane keyboards

Algra AG from Switzerland has devoted itself to this special field. It develops and manufactures printed plates, panels and keyboards and can draw on decades of experience. This accumulated expertise has made Algra a world leader in this segment. Keyboards must always remain operational no matter what special conditions they are subjected to and they must be capable of resisting external impacts such as moisture and soiling. In other words they have to meet special criteria, whereby the combination of flexibility, ease of cleaning and durability are of vital importance.

Membrane keyboards must meet high demands where impermeability is concerned. This means that the membranes must cut with absolute precision. Algra uses two eurolaser systems for the accurate cutting of the required shapes, whereby the use of laser for the cutting processes brings two significant benefits. On the one hand the extremely thin laser beam ensures that the membranes are cut accurately and on the other hand the thermal process means that the cut edges of multi-layer foils are fused. This sealing of the edges offers automatic protection against soiling without the need of any additional processing.

To the laser system M-1600

The laser system is fed with membranes directly from a robot

'The high degree of flexibility and accuracy provided by the eurolaser systemtechnology is the reason we prefer laser cutting to punching. Camera recognitionof optical markings has brought enormous benefits for panel processing.'

In order to automate the production of the high-quality keyboards, one of the laser systems is fed with membranes directly from a robot. The position of the foil sheet is recognised per camera and cut exactly. Then the keyboards are collected again by robot and separated from the rest of the sheet. Thanks to the fully-automatic system it is possible to operate round the clock and to utilize the potential of the laser systems to the full.

Laser cutting of membrane switches

Thanks to its many years of experience in the field of membrane keyboards Algra AG is well aware that customer orientation plays an important role in the production of an optimum keyboard. This approach means that the individual requirements and specific demands of each and every customer can be met. Algra AG offers its customers in-depth consultations and supports them as partner from the word go with the development of complete solutions. This is only way that the current demands of the market can be realised with innovative ideas. Close proximity to the market, extremely high-quality products and professional, state-of-the art production systems add up to make Algra AG a global player - today and on going.

Laser cutting of membrane switches

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