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Rembrands Case Study: Impressive acrylic promotional items

Rembrands strives for perfect results and fast processing to fulfil customer requirements. The eurolaser XL-3200 enables reliable processing of full-format acrylic sheets, with smooth cut edges without oxide formation. Watch the video interview to find out what impresses Rembrands about the eurolaser XL-3200.


Workflow optimisation through area scanning - saves time and money

The POSITION+professional camera system scans the entire work area and speeds up the process time by up to 90%. QR/barcodes enable the direct assignment of application jobs to materials or orders. Fully automated processes such as print-on-demand are therefore possible. The optical recognition system can be integrated into all current eurolaser systems.


Webinar recording: Tips and tricks for laser cutting protective textiles

Would you like to find out more about the benefits of laser cutting protective textiles and didn't have time to attend our webinar? We are happy to share the recording with you. In the webinar video, you can expect exciting insights as well as tips and tricks on how to master the challenges of cutting protective textiles with the eurolaser systems and which options make processing easier for you.


Case Study Plano Plastics: XL-3200 Benchmark for laser cutting acrylic

With the XL-3200, Plano Plastics has the optimum eurolaser system for processing acrylic. Thanks to the huge working area of 2,270 x 3,200 mm and the special table concept raster plate, full-size acrylic sheets between 2 mm and 30 mm thick can be processed easily, reliably, cleanly and quickly. The eurolaser system combines all the important aspects of economical acrylic processing.


Tips and tricks for laser cutting acrylic

Did you miss our live-webinar on laser cutting acrylic? No problem, request the video recording of the webinar now and get exciting insights and tips from our experts.


Live Webinar: Acrylic Masterclass

Visit eurolaser virtually and find out more about the material acrylic and how a eurolaser machine optimises processing.


Visit us at productronica – booth B2/ 114

From 14th  to 17th  November, we will be at the world's leading trade fair for electronics development and production. Discover our diverse capabilities: Automation, marking, cutting, testing and much more!


Laser cutting of protective gear

Personal safety is the top priority for rescuers and protectors. Police, the Federal Armed Forces, fire brigades, and fire protection as well as all security companies throughout Germany therefore rely on modern high-tech textiles. However, their processing presents the manufacturers of personal protective equipment (PPE) with new and demanding challenges.


POSITIONplus professional now in international use

As one of the first customers worldwide, flagprint ag uses our large format system 3XL-3200 Conveyor with our new camera system POSITIONplus professional and benefits among others from ✔️ Time saving due to area scan of the entire work area ✔️ Workflow automation ✔️ Cutting data creation based on contour recognition



Non-contact processing

In contrast to mechanical processing, there is no physical contact with the material being processed at any time during laser cutting. Whereas knives, milling machines or punches cause stress in the material, which can lead to undesirable consequences such as damage, laser cutting offers many advantages thanks to this exceptional feature.


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