An alternative to polycarbonate?

Every day in our Application Center, different materials are tested for their workability using lasers. This enables the optimum cutting and engraving parameters to be determined at the same time. Our clients are increasingly looking for a laser-compatible alternative to polycarbonate, PET or PET-G. In collaboration with our long-term partner Evonik Industries AG (plc), we have now tested the PLEXIGLAS ® Resist material, which we would like to present to you as a viable alternative.

PLEXIGLAS ® Resist combines the excellent product properties of PLEXIGLAS ® with the robustness of polycarbonate.

Material properties of PLEXIGLAS ® Resist:

  • robust
  • highly transparent
  • bright
  • weatherproof
Laser cutting and engraving of PLEXIGLAS ® Resist
Laser cutting and engraving of PLEXIGLAS ® Resist
Crystal clear, smooth cut edges
Crystal clear, smooth cut edges

The application tests have shown that the material can be both cut and engraved using the eurolaser systems. The processing parameters and engraving results are similar to those of standard PMMA XT. In contrast to PMMA GS, the cut edges are less transparent, but they exhibit considerably better properties than the comparison material, polycarbonate. This makes PLEXIGLAS ® Resist an interesting alternative to polycarbonate, depending on its application.


Evonik Industries emphasises that PLEXIGLAS ® Resist is both mouldable at low moulding temperatures (without drying out) and bendable in cold temperatures. It can be easily cut, drilled and milled. Moreover, its edges can be polished and its adhesive properties are excellent.

PLEXIGLAS® Resist is available in different gradations according to its impact strength

PLEXIGLAS ® Resist is available in different gradations according to its impact strength (PLEXIGLAS ® Resist 45, 65, 75, 100).

In comparison with conventional PLEXIGLAS ®XT, PLEXIGLAS® Resist 45 is already rated factor "three" for its anti-breakage properties.

If you compare the fracture behaviour of PLEXIGLAS ® Resist 100 with polycarbonate, the same fracture test results are obtained from Charpy tests.

The impact strength of PLEXIGLAS ® Resist 65 and PLEXIGLAS ® Resist 75 is more than adequate for certain applications, enabling you to obtain custom-made solutions with a further cost-cutting potential.


  • Protective glazing (for machines and systems)
  • Outdoor constructional glazing (for bus stops and shelters)
  • Displays and sales stands
  • Illuminated advertising signs (e.g. for display boards, machine glazing, advertising pillars)
  • Glazing in shop and counter construction (for hotels, retail trade, gastronomy)
  • Glazing in the transport system (for commercial vehicles, motorbikes, buses and trains)
  • Partition and safety screens (checkout areas in retail trade)
Spectator protection in ice hockey stadiums
Spectator protection in ice hockey stadiums

Application example:
Spectator protection in ice hockey stadiums

PLEXIGLAS ® Resist 65 meets the requirements for puck safety (test certificate 46/901 869/Sm/C, FMPA, Stuttgart University), even with a thickness of 6 mm; an application for which polycarbonate of a comparable thickness or thicker non-impact-resistant acrylic glass has been used to date.

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