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Biuletyn informacyjny dla użytkowników laserów CO2

W naszym biuletynie informacyjnym „LASER today“ omawiamy fascynujące tematy z zakresu technologii laserowych. Informacje z branży, raporty dotyczące materiałów, fachowa wiedza praktyczna i teoretyczna oraz przykładowe zastosowania - bądź zawsze na bieżąco dzięki najświeższym i pomocnym informacjom.

Zapisz się na listę abonentów i poszukaj źródeł inspiracji!

DATABASE: Workflow optimization through central parameter access


Benefit from decades of application experience and use DATABASE as a central database with cutting parameters. You optimize your workflow by accessing it from multiple computers (e.g. Workplaces on several systems and in work preparation) and ensure the optimal parameters at all times through flexible data exchange.


Extended laser service package for your planning security

Through an extended laser service package tailored to you, you receive special conditions on spare and wear parts, services and consumables. Ensure financial planning security through a fixed price over the entire contract term and benefit from priority status for fault correction.



Case Study Seyffer GmbH: Adhesive tape converting

Simone Gerhart - Production Manager: "Laser technology with its many possibilities aroused our interest early on. Then, when we wanted to upgrade our production for the future in 2019, we decided on a Eurolaser. The support and customer care, as well as the very good functions of the laser, which match our customer requirements, finally convinced us.”


Laser cutting of Neoprene


Many people are familiar with Neoprene from water sports clothing, the thermally insulating wetsuit. However, the material is actually called chloroprene rubber or polychloroprene and has many uses. It is used, for example, in the automotive industry, medical technology or as a seal.

What is most exciting for us: Neoprene is great to cut with the eurolaser.


Why are our systems so popular for cutting and engraving plastics?

Cutting solutions for plastic

Quite simple:

Highest precision - almost radius-free inner contours, Smooth cut edges, clean and burr-free without reworking, Large format - machining areas up to 3,200 x 3,200 mm, High-resolution engravings - with up to 1200 dpi, High cutting quality - consistently good results without tool wear, Flexibility - tool variety through 3in1 option.


Automated processing of rolls: The eurolaser Conveyor System

This automatic material feed system allows textiles and other flexible materials to be fed directly from the roll for laser processing and then transferred to a table extension. With a high connection accuracy after a material feed cycle, endless cuts can be made. The material is fed via an automatic feeding unit. A feeding system edge controller ensures accurate positioning of the material.


Case study: Probo Sign B.V. - Softsignage cut by eurolaser

Probo is one of the leading manufacturers in large format printing in the digital printing sector and has specialised as a service provider for professional resellers. In the soft signage sector, Probo relies on the large-format laser cutters 3XL-3200 from eurolaser. Printed textiles are cut automatically and precisely around the clock. Reliability and quality are crucial-eurolaser delivers both!


Processing of several textile rolls in parallel

With our guide rail system for textile processing, several textile webs can be processed simultaneously on one laser system. Especially with narrow rolls, this is a practical solution to increase productivity. The guide rail system is available for all conveyor sizes and can be customised according to requirements.


10 years of eurolaser know-how in Poland - time to celebrate

eurolaser Polska has been serving our Polish customers since 2012. Due to the great team and the large demo centre, all those interested in laser technology benefit from our entire range of services. We offer advice and training directly on site in the local language. Many thanks to Mariusz Deptuch and his entire team!


Test report: Laser cutting of sound-absorbing textiles

The unique combination of function and aesthetics characterizes the sound-absorbing textiles from PONGS Group. The materials can also be digitally printed, opening up a wide range of interior design options. We have subjected the PONGS textiles Silencio® 10 White print media and Akustico® print media to a cutting test on our laser systems.


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