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tesa ® ACXplus - Market launch of new acrylate adhesive tapes

tesa ®ACXplus opens up new markets for tesa and new opportunities for its customers

  • Industrial adhesive tapes with extremely strong and lasting bonding power
  • Dissipates stress in the bonded joint of different materials
  • Temperature- and weather-resistant
  • Eco-friendly production process

The innovative, double-sided tesa® ACXplus acrylate adhesive tapes are based on a globally unique, particularly eco-friendly technology, and have properties that withstand even the most adverse conditions. Following initial successful applications in various test markets, the launch of the complete product line will take place at the start of 2012.

tesa® and eurolaser

Four product groups of tesa® ACXplus have been tested for their suitability for laser cutting even before their market launch in a close collaboration between tesa ® and eurolaser.

tesa® and eurolaser have been working together for several years and have now extended this collaboration further. Innovative laser technology is being used more and more frequently in the market, both for prototyping and for production. Knowledge of these production methods is indispensable if the customer is to be provided with more useful information. The experts of both companies can systematically expand their expertise by exchanging information.

The following product groups have been tested and their suitability for laser cutting certified by eurolaser:

  • tesa® ACXplus High Transparency
  • tesa® ACXplus High Adhesion
  • tesa® ACXplus High Resistance
  • tesa® ACXplus Black Line

You can obtain the detailed reports of the particular material tests on request.

eurolaser tested the suitability for laser cutting of the following tesa materials:

tesa - ACXplus Black Line ACXplus Black Line

Suitability for laser cutting: suitable

tesa - ACXplus High Adhesion ACXplus High Adhesion

Suitability for laser cutting: suitable

tesa - ACXplus High Resistance ACXplus High Resistance

Suitability for laser cutting: suitable

tesa - ACXplus High Transparency ACXplus High Transparency

Suitability for laser cutting: suitable

Market for high-strength, permanent adhesive bonds

For the first time it is possible to manufacture particularly thick layers of adhesive with extremely strong bonding power, thanks to the in-house development of tesa ACX technology – derived from the term 'Acrylate Extrusion'. It remains reliably and permanently intact even on critical surfaces. tesa ® ACXplus products not only have the ability to absorb dynamic forces and vibrations and to relieve stress between different materials; the adhesive tapes will also withstand extreme temperatures and weather conditions, as well as exposure to ultraviolet and chemical influences. These properties make the new product line of particular interest for structures in which a reliable, permanent adhesive bond is essential. Examples of this include the assembly of components in the automotive, electronics, wind and solar industries, adhesive bonds in the illuminated signage market, in interior fixtures and fittings or in the construction industry, where the high-strength adhesive mounting of heavy façade elements must be guaranteed.

Customers gain security and time

Viewed as a whole, high-quality permanent adhesive bonds are growing in importance for numerous applications and industries. The advantages are obvious:  Whereas conventional bonding techniques such as bolting, welding or riveting can damage the innovative materials and cause corrosion, materials can be connected face-to-face without damage by means of adhesives. tesa ® ACXplus also has advantages over liquid adhesives, because drying processes, hardening and cleaning stages are dispensed with. The whole process is made simpler and considerably faster.

Elastic and fluid properties

The key feature of the new tesa ® ACXplus products is their special viscoelasticity. This technical term describes a material behavior which is characterized by elastic and fluid properties in equal measure. Thanks to this special balance, very different surfaces can be securely coated. At the same time the tailored composition and thickness of tesa ® ACXplus adhesive tapes results in compensation for dynamic forces and vibrations, and the bonding materials are not subjected to so much stress. The long-term stress that occurs, for example, when two inelastic materials such as glass and metal are joined together, is dissipated. In this way tesa ® ACXplus guarantees permanent and secure adhesive bonds, even with materials which expand at different rates as a result of temperature changes.

Patented technology 'made by tesa'

Manufacturing processes developed in-house have a long tradition at tesa. In that context, for over 20 years the focus has been on dispensing with solvents. ACX technology, the development of which accounts for an investment sum totaling 60 million euros, has delivered a quantum leap for the international adhesive tape manufacturer: In contrast to conventional technologies, the solvent is extracted from the acrylate immediately after the first stage in the process (polymerization) and then fed back into the cycle. The remainder of the production process is entirely solvent-free. Waste air purification and wastewater treatment also become unnecessary. Here are some more advantages of the process, which received funding from the Environmental Innovation Program of the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety: a halving of energy consumption, 2,000 tons less CO2 emissions and no use of process water whatsoever.

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