Manufacturing of protective masks

Laser cutting systems and adapted industrial textiles can be delivered in the short-term

Together, they support the domestic production of protective masks, the Lueneburg-based manufacturer of laser cutting systems, eurolaser, and the industrial textile producer Georg + Otto Friedrich GmbH. ‘Our customers are manufacturers of simple textile face shields, which are now mandatory for shopping and for public transport.’, says Mr. Matthias Kluczinski, CEO of eurolaser. ‘We make the production much easier and faster for the mask manufacturer - by obtaining highest quality in processing and material.’

eurolaser CEO Mr. Kluczinski: ‘Our task now is to meet the gigantic demand for tens of millions of simple face shields quickly. Actually, these are simplex products. However, this time, we cannot wait for imports from Asia. We have to help ourselves! That is what we stand for with our laser cutting systems, which enable mask manufacturers to produce 24 hours a day.’

CEO of Georg + Otto Friedrich, named Lothar Vorbeck: ‘We supply skin-friendly polyester fabrics that are optimally adapted to the laser cutting systems from eurolaser. Our fabrics can even be cut free of fibers and including holding straps with a laser. Consequently, this allows the mask manufacturers to serve the new upcoming and huge market quickly and at the highest quality level - Face shields completely made in Germany!’

Conveyor maschines from eurolaser: fast, reliable and ‘Made in Germany’

‘The conveyor machines from eurolaser for the cutting of textile materials ensure excellent cutting edges of the polyester materials from GOF. The laser welds the edges and thus, prevents fraying. Compared to mechanical cutting methods, laser cutting saves many working steps in further processing’, explains CEO of GOF,
Mr. Vorbeck. ‘We have been able to verify this in extensive tests in recent days.’

Furthermore, there are additional economic and production-related factors, such as the high productivity, high speed and round-the-clock usability of the laser machines from eurolaser. Besides, the possible usage of 24/7 is particularly interesting by considering the huge demand for masks for textile processors. Moreover, the conveyor machines from eurolaser are low-maintenance and there is practically no tool wear. Above all, they do not need the knives that are usually customary in textile processing, which need to be replaced regularly when they become dull. This saves an enormous amount of time in production. Installation and maintenance are carried out by eurolaser service technicians who are not affected by restrictive travel restrictions.

Laser cutting systems available in the short-term for an attractive price

’The delivery times for our laser machines are extremely short, our prices are attractive’, says eurolaser CEO Mr. Kluczinski. ‘We will supply the textile processing industry with as many laser cutting systems as it currently needs in order to provide our population with the important face shields. Besides, we manufacture directly here in Germany and we do not use any components from Asian manufacturing. Hence, there will be no bottlenecks at eurolaser due to interrupted supply chains.’

High-tech polyester fabrics from GOF - sterilisable and even suitable for tender baby skin

‘Our polyester fabrics, which we recommend for the production of face shields, are generally washable at 60 degrees. Even washing at 90 degrees and sterilising at 75 degrees is possible’, says CEO of GOF Mr. Lothar Vorbeck. ‘And in contrast to natural products, the knitted polyester fabric is more hygienic.’ The material also offers other excellent advantages: With automatic cutting devices, the mask can directly be cut, including the holding straps. This makes assembly unnecessary and thus, saves another further working step. ‘Consequently, mask manufacturers can save even more time in production’, adds the GOF managing director. ‘As far as the wear comfort of our fabrics is concerned’, continues Vorbeck, ‘they have been tested and meet the OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100, product class 2, which certifies skin contact. Untreated articles that are made from our fabrics even meet product class I, i.e. skin contact for babys. Besides, we are already successfully applying three of our textiles on the market for mouth-nose covers: DecoTex, Brush and Biflex.’


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