56 tonnes less CO2 - Lüneburg laser manufacturer leads the way!

Completely renovated company building with feel-good workplaces saves money and generates lots of energy

Expansion is the order of the day at eurolaser GmbH in Lüneburg. The successful company produces its powerful laser machines directly on site in the Goseburg industrial area. Matthias Kluczinski, founder and managing director of eurolaser: “For me, financial success means that we also give something back.”
For this reason, eurolaser has completely renovated its company building on the occasion of its 25th anniversary. The large existing building with special charm has more energy-saving potential than was assumed – demolition is therefore not an option. “Everything really is much more modern, friendlier and better now”, says Managing director Kluczinski.

Kluczinski focussed on three main areas: “I wanted to do something for my employees, take the pressure off the environment in the sense of sustainability, and we also want this building renovation to provide a good return.” The company founder’s plan was realised, even in record time! The purposeful conversion into an energy-optimised industrial building with feel-good workplaces during continuous operation took just over a year. And now the building is already generating a considerable amount of surplus energy. Kluczinski: “We are already thinking about how we may be able to help to conserve resources elsewhere.” The company is considering extending the photovoltaics to up to 550 kWp. E-mobility could function as a consumer of the energy surplus to begin with, and later during the course of the other technical developments there may also be interest in converting solar energy into another storage medium such as in the power-to-gas concepts.

The eurolaser founder Dipl.-Ing. Matthias Kluczinski:

"Managing director Kluczinski: “This conversion was a real labour of love. And I can see how proud all of the employees are of our new company building. That makes me very happy!” 

The employees particularly benefit from the new feel-good environment. Everyone agrees: The room climate in the production halls and the offices facing the sun is now much more agreeable. As well as the façade insulation made from recyclable, renewable material and the new windows, this has also been due to the increased use of natural sunlight for lighting. State-of-the-art technology is now providing pleasant warmth in the production halls, which are up nine metres high. And not just beneath the hall ceiling, but also among the employees, i.e. in the lower third of the hall. When it gets hot in summer, an in-house weather station controls the new ventilation flaps on the hall roof, which open automatically and therefore provide a pleasant temperature. The trick: A special ventilation system automatically freshens the room air in the production halls.

The successful building renovation at eurolaser in numbers

  • Drastic reduction of CO2 emissions by 56 tonnes per annum
  • Up to 55 percent less primary energy required
  • 50 % power reduction due to partially controlled LED technology
  • Cogeneration unit for 20 kW of electric power and 46 kW of heat
  • The 100 kWp photovoltaic system on the roof generates power mainly for in-house requirements: it generates 95 megawatt hours per annum, whereas eurolaser only needs 50. The excess power is fed into the power grid.
  • Optimised use of daylight and warming solar radiation in the winter and automatic shading and sensible cross-ventilation systems in the summer
  • Construction time of just 14 months

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