Donation for a good cause

eurolaser supports regional children’s day care centre

Social commitment is something that concerns us all and companies in particular can make a great contribution by supporting charitable projects. eurolaser has always been committed to the training and advanced training of young people, a fact that is reflected in our many trainee positions and high retention rate. However, this topic is not only important for us internally. For several years now we have stopped sending Christmas cards and presents to our customers, suppliers and partners, preferring to use this money to support regional and social projects.
The well-being of young children is a particular concern of ours. That is why we have chosen to support the children’s day care centre Regenbogen (Rainbow) this year – both a regular children’s day care centre and one for children with special needs.
The children’s day care centre Regenbogen has set itself the task of caring for every child lovingly, regardless of origin and physical disabilities. Under the motto "Where kids can be kids..." a team of 34 provides all-day care of over 50 children aged between one and eight. In addition to day care the Regenbogen centre also has several therapeutic offers, such as ergo, physio and speech therapy.  It is a matter of course in the centre that children with and without special needs are cared for together - an approach that greatly promotes integration. As a result the children very quickly learn mutual acceptance, support and unconditional togetherness. Values of vital importance in later life.
A collection of bi-lingual books has been procured in order to bring great pleasure especially for children from a migrant background. Children and parents can borrow these books and take them home. This programme is very popular in the centre, but there not enough books at the moment, so new books are needed. We are very pleased to be able to promote the bi-lingual education in the children’s day care centre with our donation of € 1,000.
In this context we would like to say a very hearty thank you to all our partners and customers for the excellent cooperation and the trust they placed in us this year. We wish you and your family a happy and peaceful Christmas and a healthy and prosperous new year 2018.

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