Laser cutting of viscose

eurolaser offers CO₂ laser cutter especially for textiles

Viscose (also known as rayon) is a chemical fiber made from regenerated cellulose. The propertise of the viscose fibers can vary; they have a high tear, comfortable wearing properties such as the high sweat absorption and can be colored and printed excellently. The material can be optimally processed with a laser cutter from eurolaser. Our tests did not reveal any smoke traces or other residues on the material and it can be cut at maximum speed without material distortion. The automated processes lead to a productive and cost-efficient cutting result for viscose.

What are the benefits of laser cutting viscose?

  • Less cleaning effort due to reduced dust generation
  • No material fixation required - the vacuum table places tissue on the processing surface



  • No tool wear and consistently high cutting quality
  • High flexibility - contour changes can be made within seconds



What added value have eurolaser CO₂ laser cutter in textile processing?

  • 3 in 1 tool options for cutting, marking or labeling on one system
  • Conveyor system for perfect and fully automatic material transport or roll material
  • Automated material feed via Feeding Unit with edge control
  • Winding Unit for space-saving rolling up of the already processed textiles
  • Camera recognition of printed material via registration marks
  • Nesting functions for material-saving cutting and less waste
  • Continuous cutting without a joint - large formats can be cut seamlessly with our smart feed option (also possible with camera recognition)
  • Variety of table sizes - suitable for many formats

Material information for the laser cutting of viscose:

Viscose is a common material that is very popular around the world and is used in numerous areas of the textile industry. The viscose fibers are produced as filament yarn or spun fiber from regenerated cellulose and then industrial spun using the so-called viscose-process. From a purely chemical point of view, the fiber is therefore identical to cotton, for example. The manufacturing process results in a variety of properties that are valued in viscose, such as air permeability, low weight and general robustness at a low price. For this reason, viscose is used, for example, in the clothing or home textile sector. The contactless processing with laser beam and the gentle cutting process are convincing arguments for the use of laser technology in the further processing of vicose.

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