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Laser cutting of polyimide

eurolaser offers laser cutter especially configurated for foils

The cutting of polyimide (also known as Kapton ®) with CO2 laser systems is charactersied by its high precision and flexibility. The varied offer of eurolaser is especially suitable for laser cutting of thin foils made of polyimide. With the parallel use of CO2 laser and knife bits on one machine, you turn your eurolaser system into an universal cutter.

What advantages have laser cutting of polyimide (PI)?

Filigree details without material damages
Filigree details without material damages
Very high precision during laser cutting
Very high precision during laser cutting
Minimum oxide formation thanks to optimised nozzle and exhaust concept
Minimum oxide formation thanks to optimised nozzle and exhaust concept
  • Precision in the µm range
  • No material fixation necessary due to vacuum table
  • No flaking of the material as is the case with punching due to contact-free and force-free processing
  • No knife cleaning – no sticking of the single parts after cutting
  • No tool wear and thus, a constantly high cutting quality
  • High flexibility in contour – without tool preparation or tool changes

What added value have eurolaser cutter?

  • High flexibility through combined cutting with knife tools and CO2 laser on one cutter
  • Unique variety of table sizes – suitable for all standard foil formats
  • Optimal utilisation of the cutting system through efficient automation functions
Polyimide is also known as Kapton ® and is used for flexible circuit paths and circuit boards

Material information for laser cutting of polyimide (PI):

Polyimides are often used in the form of thin, semi-transparent flexible circuit boards but also for the isolation layers of energy storage cells and for insulation applications in alternative energy technologies. Polyimide is also used in fibre form for filtering gases. Its outstanding material properties and high temperature resistance make both extremely low and high temperature applications possible (-256° to 400°C), the reason it is so widely used in the aerospace sector. Kapton films can be laminated, metallised or coated with adhesives. Laser processing generally takes place after the electronic components are mounted and often in combination with other substrates or films.

Applications for cutting of polyimide with eurolaser systems:

Common product names for polyimide:

PI, Kapton ®, Pyrolin ®, Vespel ®, Skybond ®, Kerimid ®, Envex ® 

On eurolaser.tv you can watch videos about laser cutting, engraving, markingVideos of laser cutting of polyimide can be found on eurolaser.tv

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