Laser cutting of micanite (artificial mica)

eurolaser offers CO2 laser cutters specially optimized for micanite

CO2 laser systems from eurolaser are ideal tools for processing heat-resistant micanite. The achievement of burr-free cutting edges, the avoidance of dust and dirt as well as the increased productivity thanks to various automation options are what distinguishes eurolaser in particular. Artificial mica such as micanite can be cut very well with our laser cutters up to a thickness of 2 mm.

What are the benefits of laser cutting micanite?

  • Very high precision in the processing of micanite up to a thickness of 2 mm
  • Contact-free cutting - no material fixation required
  • 24/7 operation without loss of performance
  • No tool creation or tool changes is necessary
  • Direction change in the cut possible without traces
  • No tool wear

We recommend the following systems for the processing of micanite:

What are the additional benefits of eurolaser CO2 laser cutters when cutting micanite?

  • Excellent extraction of the resulting chips - thus highest cutting quality on the entire work surface
  • Unique variety of table sizes - suitable for all commercially available micanite plate formats
  • Optional utilization of the laser system through efficient automation options - Increase the productivity of your system

Material information for laser cutting of artificial mica:

Micanite, mica sheets for artificial mica is the name given to pressed mica mineral that has been specially developed with the highest requirements for thermal and electrical insulation behavior. Mica minerals are characterized, among other things, by a very high melting point (approx. 1250° C) and the resulting enormously good fire and heat resistance. As a non-conductive material, it is also suitable as an insulating material. For industrial use, the mica material is baked with a binder such as synthetic resin to the desired shape and thickness. The great characteristic of micanite is that it is both a good electrical insulator and at the same time a thermal conductor. In addition to its use in electronics, it can be used as a carrier for heating wires or in panel heating elements due to its very good thermal properties.

Common applications for micanite:

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