Laser engraving and marking of metal

CO₂ laser system for coloured gravures with high resolution on metallic surfaces

Even metal surfaces can now be engraved and marked with CO2 lasers thanks to a simple process. The laser engravers of eurolaser create gravures with high resolution and detailed markings due to the colour-oxidation process. The simple process can be carried out in just a few work steps and can be used with such metals as aluminium, chrome steel, stainless steel, gold and other metallic materials.

What advantages have laser engraving and marking of metal?

  • Contactless marking – thus, no fixation of the material necessary
  • High precision – Gravures with a resolution of up to 1200 dpi
  • No tool wear and tool change
  • High level of repeatability with consistent gravure quality
  • Engraving with very fine details possible

What added value have eurolaser systems when engraving and marking of metal?

  • Excellent exhausting directly above the gravure
  • Large format engravings over the entire processing area

Information about laser engraving and marking of metal through colour-oxidation process:

Laser engraving offers you the possibility to achieve very precise and in particular permanent markings. As to metal gravures with CO2 laser systems of eurolaser, there will initially apply a special substrate at the surface which you receive in specialist retailers. Some of the special substrates that are applied before engraving are offered in different colours. The extremely accurate and intensive laser energy triggers a thermal reaction in a fraction of a millisecond. Silicon oxides bond colour pigments with the metal surface permanently by means of oxidation. The process is similar to that of enamelling – the difference is that the laser-assisted marking process is significantly faster.

Processing steps for the colour-oxidation process:

  • Clean and degrease the surfaces to be inscribed
  • Apply the substrate evenly (spray bottle)
  • Dry for a few minutes
  • Process with CO2 laser
  • Simply remove any remaining substrate with water

This method is utilisable for a variety of metals, such as stainless steel, chrome steel, brass, copper, silver, aluminium, gold and silver. Also glass, ceramics or porcelain can be engraved, or rather marked in this way.

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