Laser engraving and marking of glass

CO₂ laser systems for engravings with high resolution

CO2 laser engravers are ideally suitable for the engraving or marking of glass sheets. Due to the contactless laser processing, there is no tool wear so, the engraving quality will remain steady. There will not be any tool changes and the preparation of patterns.

What are the advantages of laser engraving of glass?

  • Contactless engraving, therefore no fixation of glass sheets necessary
  • Precise and fast direct markings without patterns
  • Laser processing without tool wear – no tool change necessary
  • Less breakage due to contactless marking
  • High repeatability with constant engraving quality
  • Engraving of very fine details possible
  • No dirt or dust as sandblasting – less cleaning effort

What added values have eurolaser engravers?

  • Unique variety of table sizes – suitable for all standard sheet formats
  • Numerous automation functions for optimal utilisation of the system
  • Special table construction for optimal laser processing
  • Excellent exhausting directly on the top of the engraving
  • Large format engravings over the entire processing area

Material information for laser engraving of glass:

Laser engraving offers the possibility to put on an uncomplicated, exact and in particular a permanent marking without changing the characteristics of the glass. In the past, sandblasting has been often used for the creation of glass engravings. The high cleaning effort, the preparation of patterns and the danger of material damages are however disadvantages of this engraving proceeding. The advantage of the laser engraving is, in particular, the direct and contactless processing. This reduces expensive working steps, such as for instance the preparation of patterns, affixing of foils, removing of foil remains, cleaning of the machining area etc. Besides, it is possible to engrave very filigree details and even razor-sharp images and brightness gradients. Right here come the deep traces of sandblasting to their limits. During laser engraving, the surface of the glass sheet is scratched and achieved a matte effect. In this way, and with the high precision of the CO2 laser, it is possible to engrave ornaments, lettering, logos right up to images on the glass panels. Unfortunately, laser cutting of glass sheets is not possible with our laser systems. On the other hand, glass fibers (textile) can cut very well with our laser systems.

Applications for marking and engraving of glass with eurolaser engravers:

  • Glass doors – Processing of large format sheets

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