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Laser cutting of composite materials

eurolaser offers you CO₂ laser cutter for highest precision

If basic materials that are suitable for laser are used, composite material combinations can often be cut and engraved without any problem. Materials suitable for laser processing that contain artificial fibres are generally welded so that fraying is prevented. In most cases, the laser process with its thermal effect ensures here a clean welding of the cutting edge. With the parallel utilisation of CO2 laser and mechanical tools (knife, router) on one machine, you will turn your eurolaser system into a universal cutter.

What advantages have laser cutting of composite materials?

Smooth cutting edges without fraying
Smooth cutting edges without fraying
Very high precision and repeatability during cutting
Very high precision and repeatability during cutting
Melted cutting edges regarding multi-layer synthetical composite materials
Melted cutting edges regarding multi-layer synthetical composite materials
  • Clear and perfect cuts – no post-processing necessary
  • No material fixation necessary – due to vacuum table
  • No material damages – due to contactless and stress-free processing
  • No tool wear and thus, steady constantly high cutting quality
  • High flexibility in contours choices – without tool preparation or tool change

What added value have eurolaser CO₂ laser cutter?

  • High flexibility through combined cutting with mechanical tools and CO2 laser on a cutter
  • Unique variety of table sizes – suitable for many formats
  • Optimal utilisation of the laser system through efficient automation functions
  • Special table construction for optimal positioning of the work pieces during cutting
  • Camera recognition for the cutting of printed composite materials
  • Large format engravings over the entire processing area
Cutting of composites in aerospace sector

Material information for laser cutting of composite materials:

Composite materials are materials that are made of two or more materials that are joined together. Whereby composite materials have different material properties than those of the individual component materials. The material properties and the geometry of the component materials are important for the properties of composites. Size effects, in particular, often play an important role. Joining is effected by means of material closure or form closure or a combination of both. In this segment, technical textiles are typical materials which will be used for laser cutting. Due to the very wide range of different material combinations, it is only possible to mention the basic advantages of laser processing here. It is necessary to check out each application in advance in order to test the individual possibilities for laser cutting.

Common terms for composite materials:

Fibre-reinforced materials, composite materials, Dispersion-reinforced materials, laminated composite materials, particle composites, laminates

On eurolaser.tv you can watch videos about laser cutting, engraving, markingVideos of laser cutting of composites can be found on eurolaser.tv

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