Laser engraving of anodized and lacquered aluminium

CO₂ laser systems for gravures with high resolution

CO2 laser systems are ideally suitable for engraving and marking of anodized or lacquered aluminium. They are characterised by a very high precision and therewith, enable laser engraving of razor-sharp images and the finest markings. Due to contactless laser processing, there will not be any tool wear so that the gravure quality will remain constant. The engraving is permanent, weatherproof and does not fade.

What advantages have laser engraving of anodized aluminium?

  • Contactless engraving – thus, no fixation of the material necessary
  • No tool wear and tool change
  • The protective oxide layer is not pierced through
  • High level of repeatability with consistent engraving quality
  • Engraving of images with high resolution of up to 1200 dpi
  • Only low laser powers necessary

What added value have eurolaser systems when engraving on anodized aluminium?

  • Combined usage of router and CO2 laser on one machine possible
  • Unique wide range of table sizes
  • Numerous automation functions for optimal utilisation of the system

Material information for engraving of anodized and lacquered aluminium:

Anodized and coloured anodized aluminium are ideal for inscribing or marking with CO2 laser. In this process the very hard approx. 8 - 30 µm protective anodic coating is not completely removed. The image contrast is produced by means of the change of colour in the oxide coating and almost photographic qualities can be achieved with over 600 dpi and up to 250 different grey scales. Special lacquer coatings can also be used to apply durable high-contrast contours or pictures to metallic surfaces, for example. Typical fields of application include high-quality markings for type plates, barcodes, logos, serial numbers etc., although the advertising media sector is coming to rely increasingly on this technology as well.

Applications for marking and engraving of anodized or lacquered aluminium with eurolaser systems:

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