Optical Recognition System - Always in the focus

Many applications require an accurate cutting oriented to existing fiducial marks or other material references. As a respond to this need eurolaser offers an intelligent solution consisting of a camera and analysis software..

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Optical recognition system positions the laser beam according to fiducial marks
  • Compensation of shrinkage, stretching and twists in the material
  • High-performance nesting function for optimal area usage and minimised material consumption
  • Faster processing speed together with high process reliability and short machine setup times
  • Exact cut along the desired print contour
  • JOBIDENT for automation of workflow from the import to the output of job files

Automatic recognition

The camera is installed directly in the processing head and plots the machining process for the workpiece following the defined fudicial marks. This means that printed, woven or embroidered fudicial marks as well as edges or other high-contrast contours can be scanned visually. In this way the actual position and dimensions of the workpiece are recognised exactly and taken into account automatically during further processing.

Compensation of printing inaccuracies

It is now possible to compensate dimensions by means of a target/actual comparison of the print data thanks to the intelligent evaluation of the fudicial marks. This is, of course, effected completely in accordance with the wishes and requirements of the user. The features mentioned help optimisation or adjustment to the required dimensional accuracy. A real plus point for quality assurance.

Selection criteria include:

  • Linear compensation
  • Full compensation
  • Segmental scaling

Process reliability

As a result of continuously rising product requirements, a high degree of process reliability must be reconciled with maximum precision in production. The optical recognition system from eurolaser ensures quality while at the same time enhancing process reliability. Scanning of the workpiece means that any errors during placement are virtually eliminated. So tedious system and setup processes are no longer necessary.

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