Light Curtains

Safety system light curtains

Safety during the operation of laser systems is a top priority for us. The Light Curtains are an optional addition to further expand our very good safety systems. The eurolaser Light Curtains are additional safety barriers outside your laser system. For this purpose, corner posts are placed around your machine in which light paths are generated at different heights - a "light fence", so to speak. If this light barrier is broken, the laser system stops automatically.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Optional addition to the high eurolaser safety standards
  • No disruption of work processes
  • Compliance with increased safety guidelines
  • Additional protection against machine use by unauthorized persons

For even more safety

With the help of our Light Curtains you can additionally secure the area around your machine. Even though such protection is NOT necessary for the safe use of our laser systems, this option is suitable to further increase safety. This may be necessary for higher safety guidelines or to protect untrained personnel in production. The Light Curtains can be added to any of our systems and easily retrofitted to equipment already purchased.

More about the safety features of the eurolaser systems

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