Ink Printer Module

Precise printing of numbers, logos and barcodes

Label your work pieces or stick-on labels directly with the precise Ink Printer Module. The high resolution makes it possible to print fine writing and graphics.

Ink Printer Module – Up to 3 print heads for precise labelling

  • Contactless printing and marking
  • Choice of inks for different surfaces
  • Different colour cartridges usable
  • Ultra-fast drying
  • Compatible with low-cost standard colour cartridges (e.g. HP)
  • Less ink consumption
  • Very high wipe and wear resistance
  • High resolution printed images with up to 600 dpi, even at fast speeds
  • Contrast-rich printing, optimised for camera control systems
  • Minimal cleaning required - print heads do not come into contact with the colour
  • Can be combined with the Label Module, our labelling system

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