Ink Marker Module

Contact-free ink-jet marking

The demand for simple, economical and contact-free marking methods is growing continuously, particularly for sewing markings (clippings) in the textile manufacturing branch.

The new Ink Marker Module – an extra option that can be retrofitted - is now available for our laser cutting systems.

eurolaser laser cutting systems for textiles

  • No distortion thanks to contact-free marking
  • Quick drying ink, indelible
  • High degree of marking accuracy
  • Faster than using plotter pens
  • Longer lifetime than felt pens
  • Different inks / colours can be used
  • Complete retrofit kit available

The universal jet system operates with compressed air and is supplied via an easy refillable ink tank.

Materials such as polyester, polypropylene and acrylic plus almost all natural textiles can be marked with the adjustable jet (2-5 mm line width).

Other tools that allow further processing of materials are the Ink Printer Module and the Label Module.

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