Innovative table concepts - to ensure perfect results

Specially developed supports for the optimisation of laser processing

If laser processing is to be successful you need more than just a high-quality laser source and an outstanding movement system, you also need a sophisticated material support concept. The table concepts tailored to match the application mean you can make optimum use of your laser system. A modular concept that leaves nothing to be desired.

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Overview of the safety benefits of the table concepts:

  • Optimum extraction of the cutting emissions
  • Strict compliance (limited health risk)
  • Reduction of exhaust volumes = less loss of room heat and energy
  • Potential back reflections kept to a minimum
  • Safety concept for smoke burns in the case of critical applications
  • Simple care and cleaning

Overview of the application benefits of the table concepts:

  • Clean material surface thanks to laminar extraction of fumes
  • Combustion residues on the back of the material kept to a minimum
  • No slipping of light workpieces and small parts
  • Simple changeover of material supports
  • Optimum focus guidance thanks to flat surfaces
  • Adapter support plates for mech. tools (milling, knives cutting etc.)
  • Small parts do not fall through the support grid

Table concepts – as versatile as your applications

We present here four table concepts from our range by way of example. Seen from very different perspectives their modular concept certainly makes them all-rounders:

Raster plate (RP) – ideal for acrylic applications 

The reflection of excess laser energy is reduced to a minimum due to a special absorption surface. This easy-care table concept is particularly suitable for sensitive materials such as acrylic, where even the smallest back reflections are visible.


Honeycomb (HC) – our specialist for foils and wood

The structure, which is similar to a honeycomb, is made of a thin highly-stable aluminium foil that facilitates especially good generation of a vacuum under the material. Channelled extraction of the cutting emissions keeps the back of the material virtually clean. So this material support concept is used primarily for flat, instable materials such as foils.


Conveyor (CON) – cutting of textiles straight from the roll

This table support made of a stainless steel web is ideal for light, thin and flexible materials such as textiles, foils, gauze or non-woven fabrics. It serves both as a material support for machining process and at the same time as a transport element.


PIN Concept (PC) – for high laser powers

A table concept made of robust brass or PMMA support pins. This concept is used for high laser powers and high waste gas emissions. Typical fields of application are cutting dies and wood processing > 10 mm.



All laser table concepts can be changed over to conventional machining methods quickly and easily. There are also suitable table supports for use with knives or milling cutters.

Efficiency through intelligence

A vacuum is generated under the material being machined during laser processing. The larger the part of the processing surface that is covered by the material being processed, the higher is the suction effect and the resulting suction vacuum. Whereby only as much volume flow as necessary is extracted. The room climate remains almost unaffected.

Today more than 2500 different applications are carried out on our table concepts. An open structure that clearly keeps all options open.

Our solution is the right one

Everything depends on coordinating the machine to match the respective application. The modular design of eurolaser laser systems means that a specially coordinated configuration is possible for every requirement. The machine design is based exclusively on the requirements of its subsequent use. So you can be sure that you always use your laser system efficiently, even if you wish to process different kinds of materials.

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