Application-related filter concepts

Better cutting results and protection for personnel and environment

The exhaust concepts ensure consistent extraction and filtering performance. They take into consideration the laser power used, the processing surface including table concept, processing speed and choice of materials to ensure you are offered the best possible coordination.

Options that pay off!

Despite all the benefits offered by laser processing, there are still some emissions arising from the thermal processes that need to be extracted safely and if necessary filtered. However, the relevance of an application-related exhaust solution is all too often underestimated. eurolaser would like to look more closely at this topic for you and summarise the relevant aspects, not only with a view to process reliability but also for reasons of safety at work and environmental protection for a greener future.

Special exhaust technology has an impact on

  • Cutting quality
  • Cutting speed
  • Material positioning
  • Safety at work
  • Questions of environmental protection
  • Particle filtering

Cutting quality

Exhaust of the cutting emissions prevents smoke deposits and processing residues soiling the material thus ensuring clean surfaces.

Cutting speed

Higher processing speeds can be achieved thanks to optimisation of various parameters (laser power etc.). Although increasing process efficiency also entails higher suction flow volumes and special filter requirements.

Material positioning

The vacuum that is generated prevents light-weight workpieces from slipping and small parts from lifting. In addition the negative pressure ensures that thin, flexible materials (e.g. foils, wood veneers) lay evenly on the material support thus enhancing processing.

Go Green

With the eurolaser extraction system EFC, we meet the strict environmental requirements and ensure filtered, pure exhaust air at the end of your cutting process.

Approval also for inhabited mixed areas!

Safety at work

A well-dimensioned exhaust system improves the ambient air and protects the machine operators from hazardous substances. Whereby the maximum environmental limit values for body- and healthcare must always be observed. The risk of fire is also significantly reduced, in particular in the case of acrylic applications, because acrylic fumes are highly flammable.

Environmental protection

The right filter systems separate coarse and fine dust particles up to filter class HEPA (H11). Hazardous substances, even from the gas phase, are removed using activated charcoal adsorption filters. This means that ecological questions with regard to environmental protection and compliance with anti-pollution law can be met to an ever increasing degree. Cleaning up our act in every laser application.

The eurolaser exhaust and filter concepts explained in detail:

In order to provide the best possible extraction concepts for our users, eurolaser works closely with several specialist partners. This has resulted in the creation of application-oriented solutions that focus on all individual requirements:

  • Exhaust concept EU
  • Exhaust concept chip collector
  • Exhaust and filter concept EFC with multistage emission filtering

The simple solution

Exhaust concept EU (Exhaust Unit)

  • Complete extraction of the emissions by means of special suction devices above and below the material
  • Compliance with relevant safety at workplace (Maximum Admissible Workplace Concentration)
  • Optionally adjustable exhaust unit (EU-F)

The rough solution

Exhaust concept chip collector

  • Collection of vacuumed remnants
  • Collection of scrap material not required (only the small ones that are vacuumed / large remnants must still be collected)
  • A mechanical metal mesh filter stops the particles. The filter is designed as removable element
  • Visualisation of the fill level via signal lamp

The clean and efficient solution

Clean Air extraction concept EFC (Exhaust and Filtering Concept)

  • Complete extraction of the emissions by means of special suction devices above and below the material (360° Extraction Technology)
  • Compliance with relevant safety at workplace (Maximum Admissible Workplace Concentration)
  • Compliance with environmental aspects (Technical Reference Concentration)
  • Application-dependent, multistage filter concept for minimising exhaust emissions using activated charcoal and fine dust particle filtering
  • Additional micro-particle filtering
  • Approved for use in commercial and residential areas
  • Automatic filter cleaning mode
  • Modular design, configured dependent on the application
  • Suitable for plants with ecological certification
  • Industrial solutions with multi-machine connections possible
  • Higher productivity thanks to lower testing and maintenance costs
  • Special filter system technology for lower energy and filtering costs

Extraction concept

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