The secret of compressed air during laser cutting

How does simple compressed air affect the laser cutting process?

High-quality optical lenses, safe purging gas, copper cutting nozzles, clean compressed air and a suitable table- and extraction concepts are added value for critical laser users only if the correct combination is used. These important technical special features form the framework for successful and safe laser applications. Outstanding results from the laser applications will impress your customers. Convince yourself of the balanced technology at eurolaser – where everything fits together.

In combination with the laser technology, it fulfils several important functions at the same time during the laser cutting procedure:

  • The targeted air flow drives the material melt out of the cutting gap
  • Compressed air flow cools the heat influence zone at the focal spot
  • Protects the optical lens from soiling
  • Avoids the ignition of aerosol cutting emissions


The above-mentioned effects provide high-quality cutting results and are evident due to:

  • Neat material surfaces
  • Back of material is free of smoke deposits
  • Fewer oxidisation marks
  • Smaller cutting widths
  • Uniform cut edges

Clean, dry compressed air is led to the material that is being processed during the cutting procedure at a preset pressure of between 1 and 5 bar through a special copper cutting nozzle. The cutting nozzles, which have different opening cross-sections, are easy to change and optimise the cutting results considerably. Compressed air is the most cost-effective cutting gas for industrial applications.

Pure, technical gasses would be an additional cost factor, and are not usually required in this case. The eurolaser vacuum table concept, which is located beneath the material support, completes the process chain. This is where the compressed air/cutting gas mixture is now systematically collected and efficiently led away.

Advantages of the use of copper cutting nozzles:

  • Exact process gas guidance above or into the cutting gap
  • Optical lenses are protected from flying sparks, vapours and particles
  • Easy to change
  • No wear

 For applications such as...

= Here a fine jet of compressed air achieves particularly neat cut edges and material surfaces.

For applications such as...

= A wide jet generates a cooling effect on the surfaces. A weak wide jet is beneficial to engraving applications and makes it possible to have nice polished edges in acrylic glas

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