Energy efficient cooling units

The influence the room temperature has on your production

Consistent cooling performance ensures a constant laser power which in turn provides optimum and constant cutting quality and speed. A high-quality water cooling system is therefore highly recommended for cooling a CO2 laser source.

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Benefits of water cooling:

In order to be able to provide you with optimum solutions for cutting and engraving, eurolaser always prioritises the highest standards of quality and efficiency in selecting their technical components. The laser beam sources are of course the top priority – they are the heart of any laser system. The CO2 industry laser beam sources used by eurolaser are very high-quality and complex components and are therefore only used by renowned manufacturers. There are still other aspects to consider for high levels of process stability.

Changing ambient temperatures have a negative impact on the performance stability and the maximum power of any high-performance laser, and therefore also the quality and productivity of your laser production facilities. An optimally calibrated and incredibly consistent cooling of the laser beam sources will prevent undesired process fluctuations. Thus, eurolaser recommends keeping the laser beam sources at their ideal temperature with a special temperature-stabilised water cooling system from a laser output of 125 watts upwards.

  • Consistent results when cutting, engraving and marking
  • Achievement of maximum laser power
  • Constant parameter settings and cutting speeds
  • Increased lifetime for the CO2 laser beam source
  • Improved adaptation of the technology to the environmental conditions
  • Local usage of the waste heat is possible

Water provides a more constant heat than air here, is directly transported to the components to be cooled. Water can remove a larger amount of heat and is therefore much more efficient as a cooling medium. The water-air cooling units used therefore stabilise the laser cooling regardless of the climate and ambient temperature. The industrial cooling systems provided by eurolaser meet the highest quality requirements and ensure a performance concept perfectly tailored to the laser beam source.

In this, our engineers also prioritise low energy consumption, sufficient power reserves, long lifetime and a direct integration into the systems technology when selecting components. Constant temperature monitoring, remote control, warning and status messages can ensure that all states of the peripheral units can always be displayed on the operator panel and be monitored.


The cooling unit can be installed in various locations in order not to expel waste heat into the immediate working environment. All units are suitable for clean air circulation. This means that the waste heat in the kW range during winter can, for example, be used to heat storage or production facilities.

Heating and temperature stability for a long service life


The cooling units used by eurolaser also fully automatically monitor the starting temperature. If lasers are often started in a cold environment, this can lead to premature wear and tear due to failed ignitions. This risk can be completely avoided as the laser is only released after the heating up phase. The absolute high temperature constant of only ± 0.5°C for all units used is achieved with a special control process. This not only serves the achievement of the production results, but also protects the laser source from premature loss of power, and this for years to come.

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