Winding Unit for flexible materials

Re-winding processed textiles after cutting

The Winding Unit is an optional extension of the conveyor system that ensures even winding of already processed textiles. To obtain optimum winding results, it may be necessary to include retaining bridges at the edges of the cut-out shapes to keep them together with the edge material when rewinding. The winding unit is positioned at the end of the cutting process thus enabling full automation of the entire process.

What are the benefits of the Winding Unit?

  • Space-saving and safe storage of ready-cut single parts
  • Fully automatic cutting process
  • Preparation of the single parts to simplify further processing
  • Even winding thanks to optical sensors
  • Can be used with different rolls (size, weight, inner diameter)
  • Significant reduction in working time as parts do not have to be collected up manually

Pre-cut single parts for further processing

Although the single parts have already been cut, they are kept together with the edge material by means of small retaining bridges. If required, the parts can be removed quite simply.

Space-saving storage, optimum transport

The textile rolls with the pre-cut single parts enable space-saving storage. So even large volumes of pre-produced goods can be transported and stored simply and without damage.

Container for simple disposal of material remnants

Material remnants are collected directly into the optional collection device at the end of the unloading table. The collection container moves on rollers and enables easy removal. Semi-finished goods can be transported simply to the next step in production. A collection container with a sturdy housing suitable for forklifts is also available as an alternative.

Even winding

Optical sensors of the sag control ensure even winding. The winding speed is adjusted depending on the bale diameter.

Flexible winding

Winding can take place in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction, depending on which side of the material should be outside on the roll. In addition, the operator has the choice of either manual or automatic winding.

Simple fixing of the rolls

A pneumatic expansion shaft ensures the goods are fixed quickly into place.

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