The table extension for non-stop production

Ergonomic workpiece unloading during cutting

The unloading table is an extension of the table that allows the ready cut textile to be removed from the laser system during the cutting process. The table extension has the additional advantage of enabling the material to be removed from three sides, which in turn boosts flexibility in the production process even further.

What are the benefits of the table extension of the conveyor system?

  • Time-saving thanks to the unloading of workpieces without any interruption in the work process
  • Easier access to the cut materials
  • Process optimization due to timely adjustment of the material feed to the work rhythm of the operator
  • Individually adjustable table height feature for ergonomic unloading (optional)
  • Feed cycle adjusted to the cutting data and software-controlled optimization
  • Virtually seamless cutting of large formats


Safe material removal without interrupting the production process

After laser processing, the material is transported to the collecting table via conveyor belt. Thanks to the highest level of safety features, the operator can already remove the finished parts while the laser process continues without any downtime.

Optimum access to the individual cut pieces

The table extension enables simple removal of the individual pre-produced parts from the laser system by the operator. In particular with wide work surfaces, access from three sides means the ready cut materials can be reached with ease.

Process optimization thanks to time-adjusted material feed

The material feed is interrupted by the release button on the table extension until the operator has completed unloading. This function is particularly expedient for all processes in which collecting up of the ready cut material takes longer than the actual cutting process or when several systems are being operated by one person at the same time. The work rhythm of each individual system is not necessarily taken into account in the overall workflow. This option, however, allows the operator to adjust the cutting process of the laser system so that it matches his own rhythm.

Additional conveyor belt

This optionally available table with additional conveyor belt extends the transport path of the material at the end of the machine. Thanks to the height adjustability, the removal of the material can be ergonomically adapted for the employee. It is also possible to transport the material to a different work table height to simplify a downstream process, e.g. packaging.

Smartfeed for an optimum material feed that matches the cutting data

The feed cycle is controlled by the software in such a way that cutting of the individual parts is always carried out in a single work step. The software recognizes if some of the individual parts do not fit onto the processing table due to the arrangement of the cutting contours. Thanks to the intelligent feed optimization, the individual part is not cut until it has been completely moved onto the processing surface. This prevents any continuation of cuts.

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