Automatic feeding of bale material

Processing textiles simply and economically

The call for more individualized products and further optimization of the production processes in the textile processing and foil industry place special demands on production and storage. Automatic feeding of material from the roll is a key option for achieving signification process optimizations. eurolaser offers solutions tailored to meet the unique requirements of customers in this market.

What are the benefits of the feeding unit of the conveyor system?

  • Automatic material feed directly from the roll
  • Optimum adjustment of the speed for tension-free material feed
  • Minimisation of errors when inserting the roll material thanks to laser line projectors
  • Depending on the model, it is easy to use thanks to the colored touch panel
  • Perfect material positioning thanks to automatic edge control
  • Process automation through the use of Barcodes
  • Improved material detection through ultrasonic sensor
  • Improved design increases operator safety

Automatic feeding of roll material

Unwinding unit or feeding unit, options that enable further automation of the processing of textiles and foils. The material is fed directly from the roll onto the laser system by the conveyor belt, where it is cut, perforated or engraved. Benefits include improved machine utilization thanks to automatic material guidance in the laser cutting system which at the same time makes work easier for the operator.

Speed adapted automatically

Automatic control of the feeding speed of the bale material. Unwinding of the material from the roll is controlled independently of the speed with which the laser cutting system pulls in the material. This means that the feeding speed is always ideally aligned independently of the diameter of the roll. An optional powered roll support is available for large or heavy rolls.



Fast material changeover thanks to positioning aid

Fast and accurate insertion of roll material and error minimization thanks to integrated laser line projectors

Perfect positioning of the material thanks to edge control

Sensors are used to control the unwinding unit or feeder unit in such a way that the defined position on the working surface is always correctly maintained. Benefits here include optimum material utilization and less waste.


Stress and distortion-free material feed

Stretch-free material feeding, so there is no material distortion; the material can be cut in its “natural” tension-free state. This is a key requirement for exploiting the benefits of contact-less laser processing. It ensures excellent results and perfect repeatability.

Process automation

Restlängenerfassung über Barcode, stellen Sie sicher das immer ausreichend Material für Ihre Auftragsabwicklung bereit steht.Optionale Paternosterfunktion, zur Optimierung des Produktionsprozesses durch lückenlosen Materialzufluss. Von einer bis zu mehreren hundert Rollen können in einem „Paternosterlager“ direkt an dem Laserschneidsystem bereitgestellt werden.


Material relaxation due to edge trimming

If textiles are strongly woven at the edge, this can hinder precise laser cutting. The material undulates on the processing surface, which can lead to warpage. An edge trim can help here. Since the laser would directly fuse the edge during trimming and thus maintain the distortion, we have developed a mechanical tool for this purpose (Cold Cut): The Edge Trimming Tool. The edge of the textile is cut off on one or both sides by the trimming tool, so that the relaxed, distortion-free material layer can be cut precisely with the laser. Slitting (separating cut) of the textile is also possible with the ETT.

Options for material feeding solutions

  • Individual roll widths up to 3,4 m
  • Powered roll support (forwards / backwards)
  • Inner roll diameters from 50 to 120 mm, others on request
  • Even heavy rolls possible
  • Individual solutions possible if required (e.g. paternoster)
  • Optional automatic roll changeover
  • Optional paternoster storage system solutions for a large number of rolls
  • Remaining length capture via barcode
  • Aligned winding unit available

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