Labelling textiles for further processing

Printing, marking, labelling and cutting in a single operation

To facilitate the further processing of textile cuts, it is often necessary to mark the individual parts. eurolaser offers various options for this processing step. There are different alternatives to choose from depending on what is needed. The Label Module for labelling your goods, the Ink Printer Module for accurate printing of fine lettering and images, the Ink Marker Module for sewing markings and the Marker Module for drawing.

What are the advantages of the marking solutions?

  • Ink marking is a contact-free process
  • Thanks to the modular design you can combine up to three modules for product marking (printing, labelling, marking and drawing)
  • Mark and cut your individual parts in a single operation
  • Time saving thanks to optimum work preparation for downstream process steps (numbering, barcodes etc.)

Labelling of individual parts

You label your individual parts quickly and in a single operation ready for further processing with our Label Module. Or mark your products with your brand logo.

Label Module


Accurate printing of numbers, logos and barcodes

Inscribe your workpieces or adhered labels directly with the precision Ink Printer Module. Its high resolution enables the printing of the finest lettering and graphics.

Ink Printer Module


Contact-free marking

The Ink Marker Module for contact-free ink jet marking is ideal for sewing marks and simple markings. Fast drying ink ensures a trouble-free subsequent downstream process.

Ink Marker Module


Accurate drawing

The Marker Module can hold various drawing tools. The Marker Module was developed especially for drawing. Typical applications include the plotting of die-lines with an ink pen, marking seams with washable silver pens or the marking of patterns with a ballpoint pen.

Marker Module

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