Clean cutting quality for many years

The unique active conveyor belt cleaning system from eurolaser

The conveyor belt (Conveyor System) can become soiled over time where textiles undergo laser machining. Synthetic materials in particular, can leave material residues that adhere to the wire mesh belt during the laser process. Smoke residues, dust and small parts can also get stuck on the belt.

We have integrated a cleaning system as a standard feature in our machines to minimise the effort required to counteract this problem. A lot of soiling is removed with this standard cleaning function. However, it is advisable to optimise this effect for some applications. In particular for applications that cause a high level of residual soiling. Our active conveyor belt cleaning system has been developed for just such cases.


What does the active conveyor belt cleaning system do?

  • Motorised, two-sided cleaning system
  • Removes even the most stubborn soiling from the wire mesh belt
  • Ideally suited for material remnants, small parts and smoke residues that adhere to the belt

The active belt cleaning system enables the efficient and highly accurate machining of even critical applications and materials.

The active conveyor belt cleaning system is available for all new conveyor systems and can be retrofitted in all existing laser systems. Just contact us!

Your benefits:

  • Consistently high, long-term cutting quality
  • No soiling of the material during processing
  • Retains the long service life of your laser system
  • Available as an option and retrofit solution for conveyor systems

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