Conveyor belt for gentle material transport

Automatic material feed and contactless processing without any material distortion

The conveyor belt is a key component of the conveyor system and consists of a stainless steel web. It transports the material from the roll to the machining process on the laser system. The material feed is stress-free, so there is no material distortion while contactless machining with laser ensures outstanding results.

What are the benefits of the belt of the conveyor system?

  • Increased productivity due to automatic material feed
  • Even, stress-free transport of the textiles for perfect results without any material distortion
  • Process reliability thanks to a high degree of repeat accuracy
  • Different machine widths depending on material composition
  • Adjustable exhaust levels for customer-specific requirements and energy saving
  • Processing of very large formats possible thanks to seamless continuation of cutting
  • With integrated belt cleaning
  • Active belt cleaning system as an option (can also be retrofitted) for applications with heavy soiling due to residues adhering to the belt.

Gentle material transport without any material distortion

The material is fed directly from the roll onto the laser system and together with the web transported evenly, stress-free and exactly.

Perfect results thanks to contactless laser machining

The textiles are cut or engraved accurately by the laser beam. As laser machining is a contractless process, the material remains exactly in the correct position even during processing. You get excellent results.

Machine widths for different materials

The eurolaser conveyor system comprises different mesh widths in line with the properties of the material, such as material thickness, rigidity and dimensions of the finished product. This enables us to guarantee the ideal configuration for your material.

Adjustable exhaust unit for energy-efficient processing

The level of the vacuum as well as the sections of the table that are exhausted can be adjusted individually with this option. Energy costs can be reduced by switching off segments that are not needed. The impact on the air-conditioning is minimized. You can adjust the exhaust unit to match your material and application perfectly with the fine adjustment of the vacuum.

Automatic conveyor belt cleaning

Particularly with sensitive materials, powder deposits or stuck-on material residue on the conveyor belt can reduce the quality of the cutting. Our conveyor systems are therefore equipped with automatic belt cleaning. The addition of an active cleaning function is optionally available for extremely heavy soiling. It functions by means of two sturdy, active motor-driven roller brushes that rotate against each other to free the conveyor belt of particularly heavy soiling. Perfect results are thus ensured during further laser cutting processes on the conveyor system, even for problematic applications.

Your benefits:

  • Consistently high, long-term cutting quality
  • No soiling of the material during processing
  • Retains the long service life of your laser system
  • Available as an option and retrofit solution for conveyor systems

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