Conveyor System

Automatic material feed for the endless processing of textiles

The Conveyer-Option is the ideal solution for series and mass production. It is equipped with a great package of configurations. Available for the systems M-1200, L-1200, L-3200, XL-1600, XL-3200, 2XL-3200 and 3XL-3200.

What are the advantages of the Conveyor System?

  • An increase in productivity thanks to loading and unloading during the cutting process
  • Workpiece removal during the cutting process at the collecting table possible
  • The material feed is stretching-free
  • Accurate placement of the workpiece through automatic edge control with the Feeding Unit


 Feeding Unit

The bale material is fed via an automatic feeding unit. The automatic edge control of the feeding unit ensures a constant material alignment and thus continuously precise high quality cuts – meter by meter.

 Conveyor belt

The conveyor belt is a key component of the conveyor system and consists of a stainless steel web. It transports the material from the roll to the machining process on the laser system. The material feed is stress-free, so there is no material distortion while contactless machining with laser ensures outstanding results.

 Table extension

The table extension allows the ready cut textile to be removed from the laser system during the cutting process. The table extension has the additional advantage of enabling the material to be removed from three sides, which in turn boosts flexibility in the production process even further.

 Winding Unit

The Winding Unit is an optional extension of the conveyor system that ensures even winding of already processed textiles. To obtain optimum winding results, it may be necessary to include retaining bridges at the edges of the cut-out shapes to keep them together with the edge material when rewinding. The winding unit is positioned at the end of the cutting process thus enabling full automation of the entire process.

Smartfeed for an optimum material feed that matches the cutting data

The feed cycle is controlled by the software in such a way that cutting of the individual parts is always carried out in a single work step. The software recognizes if some of the individual parts do not fit onto the processing table due to the arrangement of the cutting contours. Thanks to the intelligent feed optimization, the individual part is not cut until it has been completely moved onto the processing surface. This prevents any continuation of cuts.

  Edge Trimming Tool for material relaxation

If textiles are strongly woven at the edge, this can hinder precise laser cutting. The material undulates on the processing surface, which can lead to warpage. An edge trim can help here. Since the laser would directly fuse the edge during trimming and thus maintain the distortion, we have developed a mechanical tool for this purpose (Cold Cut): The Edge Trimming Tool

 Printing Marking Labelling

It is often expedient to apply sewing markings, barcodes or labels during cutting for the subsequent processing of textiles. Eurolaser offers a number of solutions in this respect.

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