Automated processes for your laser machine

Higher productivity, more economical working - save time and money

Increase your productivity by increasing the utilisation of your eurolaser system! The automated production facilitates your work and offers faster material processing with higher profit, especially when processing in large numbers. Choose the option fitting to your system: automatic materialfeeder, mechanical material transport or continuous materialloading and unloading during processing. The different automation of the laser systems is based on your requirements and considers your application as well as the processed material and the process environment.

Increase the productivity of your laser system

Shuttle Table System

This enables loading and unloading of the machining table during laser machining and demonstrably delivers an increase in efficiency of up to 75% when using a laser system.


Automate the material feed for continous textile machining.

Conveyor System

By using this automatic material feed, textiles can be fed for laser cutting directly from the roll and routed after laser cutting directly to a table extension. With a high degree of connecting accuracy after a material feed cycle, sections, which for all practical purposes are endless, can be produced.

The bale material is fed via an automatic feeding unit. An feeding system edge controller ensures accurate positioning of the material. There is even an option to add a winding unit to the Conveyor System. This is used for the even winding of previously processed textiles and this accordingly results in a completely automated cutting process.


Alternate operation allows you to make more use of the laser system.

Remote Operation

The software-controlled division of the work area allows laser system operation on alternate sides. This enables production to be continued on the opposite side while removing and reloading material.


Cartesian robot systems for supplying

Pick`n Place – Automatic supply

You will optimise your workflow with our flexibly configurable and scalable robot systems. The loading and unloading of your laser system will be automated and done precisely.


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