The software front-end module for controlling the laser system

The control software that creates the communication between the computer and the laser system is called CONNECT at eurolaser. This handles the control of the laser system. CONNECT always comes as a package that includes the DATABASE and PLANNER modules, thus serving as the basis for the use of the laser system. 


Unrestricted production with an open software structure that gives you everything you need

  • Clear "front-end" user interface
  • Import from CAD and illustration software (AI, EPS, PDF, DXF, HPGL, …)
  • Maximum process reliability (among others with barcode feature)
  • Higher flexibility by controlling different tools (laser, router, Ink Marker etc.)
  • Job automatisation by controlling material feed and discharge
  • Job optimization by incorporation of function and expansion modules and simulations
  • Central parameter database thanks to the DATABASE module
  • Material database with parameter assignment
  • Macro function for fast working processes

eurolaser Software overview

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