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Don’t miss out on your € 10,000 jubilee bonus!

We installed the 1000th eurolaser cutting system at the end of last year. We wish to celebrate this jubilee with you under the motto “1,000 laser cutting systems,
€ 10,000 bonus, 100,000 applications”.

1,000 laser cutting systems, € 10,000 bonus, 100,000 applications

€ 10,000 voucher for additional system options, training or services

To keep you in the celebrating mood, you will receive a jubilee bonus from us valued at € 10,000.
You will receive the € 10,000 in the form of a voucher, with which you can purchase additional options, training or services.
The jubilee bonus is yours if you purchase a new eurolaser cutting system by 31.03.2018, so it is worth making a quick decision!



Use your voucher for any number of products, such as:


Proven a thousand times over

At the end of last year we installed our 1000th large-format laser cutting system on the premises of our customer National Gummi AB in Halmstad, Sweden. The XL-3200 conveyor system is the company’s second eurolaser system.

You will find more information about our jubilee customer here

We are proud of our 1,000th laser system and pleased with satisfied customers worldwide. We are especially proud of the fact that our very first laser system, serial number 1 from the year 1994, is still in operation today. This laser system is installed at the company ROZA in Slovakia. Clear proof of the durability of our equipment and of top quality – our basis for a sound partnership.

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