Laser cutting and engraving of leather or synthetic leather

eurolaser develops special CO₂ laser cutter for nonmetals

Leather, or rather synthetic leather can very precisely cut and engraved in just one working step with CO2 laser systems. Through the unique tool combination of CO2 laser and knife just on one machine, the cutter of eurolaser are especially flexible for the processing of leatherware.

What are the advantages of laser cutting of leather?

Exact cutting edges – no fraying
Exact cutting edges – no fraying
Laser engraving and marking of leather
Laser engraving and marking of leather
No material fixation necessary – contactless processing
No material fixation necessary – contactless processing
  • Melding of cutting edges regarding synthetic leather
  • No material deformation – through contactless laser cutting
  • Precise cutting of very filigree details
  • Less need for cleaning due to reduced dust formation when cutting
  • No tool wear – constantly high cutting quality

What added value have eurolaser CO₂ laser cutter when cutting of leather?

  • Less waste due to nesting software
  • Data transfer and transmission of external data of other system provider through flexible software packages without any problems
  • Conveyor System for the fully automated processing directly from the roll
  • Winding unit for the rolling up of already processed leatherware
  • Unique variety of table sizes – suitable for many formats
  • Processing of very big formats by burr-free continuation of cutting
  • Combined processing - possible just on one machine through CO2 laser and knife
  • Different functions for laser engraving and marking
  • Camera recognition for the cutting of printed synthetic leather
(Synthetic) leather are ideally suitable and will be used in the automotive industry

Material information for laser cutting of leather:

Natural leather and synthetic leather will be used in various sectors. Apart from shoes and clothing, there are especially accessories that will be made of leather. That is why this material plays a specific role for designers. Besides, leather will often be used in the furniture industry and for interiors fittings of vehicles. By using mechanic tools (plotter or knife-cutter), the cutting of resistant, tough leather causes heavy wear. As a result, the cutting quality decreases from time to time. The contactless laser cutting is here characterised by its advantages. Laser engravings produce some kind of embossing and enable fascinating haptic effects. Emerging flue gas emissions can be exhausting and filtering in the laser systems.

Applications for laser cutting of (synthetic) leather with eurolaser CO₂ laser systems:

Leatherware often used for the laser cutting and engraving:

Nappa, goatskin, roan, chamois, pigskin, nubuck, velours, alcantara, buckskin

On eurolaser.tv you can watch videos about laser cutting, engraving, markingVideos of cutting and engraving of leather can be found on eurolaser.tv

We will gladly advise you about cutting and marking of synthetic leather to our laser systems and special options for the processing of leatherware.

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