The eurolaser team picks up speed

Skiing in South Tyrol


To round off a successful year our CEO and founder Matthias Kluczinski announced a very special kind of company outing. We exchanged our warm workplace for snow-covered ski slopes from 14th to 18th December 2016. The eurolaser team was thrilled by the invitation and looked forward to an exciting skiing trip adventure. The 66 members of the eurolaser team headed south in the comfort of modern coaches and a few private cars. Destination: the Kronplatz ski region in the most northerly province of Italy.

In addition to a few old hands there were a lot of employees for whom skiing was absolutely unchartered territory. It is true there were a few concerned faces to begin with, but everyone was able to enjoy an extensive ski training program thanks to the good planning. There was ample time to get acquainted with the equipment, the unfamiliar movements and the mountains. From beginners to the advanced, from skiers to snowboarders, everyone got the amount of instruction necessary to set them up properly. 

So the adventure could get underway. The high peaks of the main Alpine ridge rose from the north of our accommodation and the legendary majestic “pale mountains” - the Dolomites - to the south east. We set off for the wonderfully snowy slopes in brilliant sunshine. The heart of the holiday region and also its namesake is the 2,275 m high Kronplatz, also known as the No. 1 ski mountain in South Tyrol. Gently descending mountains with wide, almost treeless slopes offered us a magnificent view and the perfect conditions for our fantastic, eventful days. This ski region boasts a total of 119 km of ski slopes and 32 modern lift facilities. It was pure fun and enjoyment.

Exhausted from the fresh mountain air we made our way back to the hotel in the evening. Some of us soon realized that such an active day spent skiing on the slopes can be very tiring. But we managed to revive our spirits with a hearty meal and a couple of “nightcaps”. A pleasant get-together that was not only a culinary indulgence, but also served in particular to build up a sense of mutual trust and companionship within the eurolaser team.

A great way to end the year and a huge boost to motivation for a successful year 2017.


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