Technical adhesive foils in the automotive industry

Significant advantages thanks to laser cutting

Cutting of the films with a knife is a highly complex process. With the double adhesive layer, small parts often stick to the knife and this results in worse cutting qualities and a lot of waste. The laser cut of the eurolaser systems provides many advantages. For example, the laser cuts all adhesive layers contact-free without chipping or splintering. Machining with a laser thus represents an economic separation method that can be used very flexibly and universally.

Benefits of laser processing:

The acrylic adhesive is cut to fit the emblem
The acrylic adhesive is cut to fit the emblem
Laser cutting the sheet, without cutting the carrier material
Laser cutting the sheet, without cutting the carrier material
Detailed view of the cutting edge
Detailed view of the cutting edge
  • No knife cleaning necessary, no sticking of single parts after cutting
  • Consistently perfect cutting results
  • Maximum repeat accuracy
  • No material distortion thanks to contact-free cutting
  • Smooth cut edges
  • Narrow radiuses and extremely fine filigree details possible

There are a large number of technical adhesive foils that are used universally in many fields and must have different qualities depending on the area of application. Important properties are easy processing, adhesive effect, compensation of surface irregularities in the material or weather resistance.

The present material consists of approx. 1 mm foam layer, which has a highly adhesive acrylic glue applied to each side. The adhesive film is very tolerant to temperature fluctuations and humidity and due to this weather resistance it is the material of choice in the automotive industry. For example the adhesive film is used to attach trims, numbers, logos as well as emblems.

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