Polycarbonate films in the ‘white goods’ sector

High demands on processing quality

The ‘white goods’ sector includes household appliances such as washing machines, fridges, dryers and all kinds of kitchen appliances. High-quality films are often required for these electrical devices in order to embed actuators and displays. The printed films are usually back-injected with plastic and thus stiffened.

In the application, we demonstrate how a front panel is cut from polycarbonate using a laser. Particular attention is paid to the openings for switches, controls and LEDs which must be cut very accurately in order to provide a high standard of quality.

The demands on the films, mostly made of polycarbonate, ABS or PETG are very high. A good level of impact and scratch resistance is a prerequisite.  As a result, the demands made on the processing of such a complex material are extensive.

Advantages of laser cutting:

  • No force applied to the material - so no mechanical stress of the material
  • Highest level of precision and great advantages for delicate cutting, even small batches become economically viable
  • Accurate laser cutting of printed materials in particular due to anoptical recognition system


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The advantage of laser processing as opposed to a punch or cutter is the high quality of the split cut, as well as the non-existent wear to the ‘laser’ tool.

With the laser beam, even the smallest details can be cut practically radius-free, unlike with a cutter. Non-contact processing has the advantage of not affecting material surfaces. In addition, the material need not be laboriously fixed, leading to reduced production times.

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