Laser cutting of POLYCASA® SAN

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POLYCASA® SAN consists of the material styrene-acrylonitrile copolymer (short: SAN). The innovative plastic sheets from 3A Composites combine many unusual properties that make the material a real specialty. A weight reduction of 10%, combined with significantly greater rigidity, enables the choice of panels that are up to a third thinner. The SAN program offers solutions for both indoor and outdoor applications. The variant with UV protection is recommended for outdoor use. In addition, POLYCASA® SAN offers outstanding resistance to the absorption of water and chemicals.

eurolaser has now taken a closer look at POLYCASA® SAN. The material was tested in the in-house application laboratory with regard to the properties during laser machining.

What are the benefits of laser cutting POLYCASA® SAN?

  • The glossy surface is retained during the cut and within the cut edge
  • There is no material fixation necessary thanks to the vacuum table
  • No tool wear - consitently high cutting quality
  • Flexible contour selection possible without changing tools
  • Filigree edges possible with the highest precision
  • Radius-free cutting of inner contours

Scope of application

POLYCASA® SAN or styrene-acrylonitrite copolymer is characterized as a material primarily by its clarity, low weight and resistance. The UVP variant is ideal for outdoor applications and is used, for example, in the form of signs, but also in trade fair and shop construction. The UV resistance and resistance to chemicals of all kinds make POLYCASA® SAN an ideal material for industrial door or greenhouse glazing. With its flexible application options, both indoors and outdoors, POPLYCASA® SAN redefines industrial use and encourages creative applications.

What additional benefits do eurolaser CO2 laser cutters have?

  • 3in1 - Cut with laser, knife tool or routing tool on just one machine
  • Large variety of table sizes with the right size for all tabletop formats
  • Automation functions ensure ideal system utilization
  • Large-Format engravings over the entire processign area are possible
  • Modular construction for future additions
  • Optimized operating software for easy handling or material recognition

eurolaser has tested the following POLYCASA® SAN variants for their laser cutting ability:

Suitability for laser cutting: excellently suitable

Suitability for laser cutting: excellentlysuitable

Suitability for laser cutting: excellentlysuitable

POLYCASA® Flat + Q 4,75mm
Suitability for laser cutting: excellentlysuitable

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