Laser cutting of cast acrylic with 100% recycling content

Green Cast® produced by Madreperla S.p.A,  has a decade long history. Born in 2012 it has been the first cast acrylic made from 100% recycled content. The process starts from pre- and post-consumer acrylic for the production of 100% recycled raw material which is then used to produce Green Cast® sheets. Green Cast® has the same optical, mechanical and thermal characteristics as non-recycled acrylic. Thanks to its big variety of colors and treatments, such as fluo, matt, metallic, iridescent, glitter, and more Green Cast® is the ideal product for many applications in different sectors. 
We tested the recycled acrylic and looked at how it performs in the cutting process compared to conventional PMMA. 

Properties of Green Cast®:

  • Made of 100% recycled content from pre and post consumer acrylic
  • Optically, mechanically and thermally identical to conventional acrylic
  • Up to 10x more shatterproof than glass
  • Easy to process (gluing, bending, milling, etc.)
  • High UV resistance
  • 100% Recycled and recyclable

The goal of the laser test:

Burr-free, clean and precise cutting edges - identical to conventional acrylic glass

We have tested different versions of Madreperla's Green Cast® for processing with our laser systems. So far, processing has mainly taken place with the mechanical tools saw and router. In consultation with Madreperla, attention was paid to the following requirements:

  • Comparability with conventional PMMA
  • Crystal clear, burr-free cutting edges
  • Reduction of breakage and waste due to non-contact processing
  • Clean processing and avoidance of chips
  • No tool wear and consistently high cutting quality

The used test setup

System size: XL-1600 - Static system
The compact system is ideal for solid plates

Laser source: 250 or 450 watts
Select the laser power to match the desired material thickness

Request for more information on optimal laser power and cutting parameters.

Test result:

Green Cast® is excellently suited for laser processing

We have extensively tested four variants of Green Cast® on our laser systems and achieved flawless cutting results. All tested variants showed excellent cuttability and no limitations compared to conventional PMMA. We therefore award the rating "excellently suitable" for laser cutting capability. Thanks to non-contact processing and optimum vacuum formation of the eurolaser systems, no mechanical clamping was necessary prior to processing. There was no tool wear whatsoever and the cut quality remained equally high. We were able to achieve crystal-clear, smooth and clean cut edges and cut virtually radius-free contours with the laser. Breakage and waste could be reduced to a minimum, especially compared to mechanical processing.


Green Cast® Setacryl 3 mm green transparent

Suitability for laser cutting: excellently suitable

Green Cast® Setacryl 3 mm transparent

Suitability for laser cutting: excellently suitable

Green Cast® Setacryl 5 mm weiß

Suitability for laser cutting: excellently suitable

Green Cast® Polarlite 5 mm

Suitability for laser cutting: excellently suitable

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