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LASER today

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Our newsletter 'LASER today' showcases the fascinating world of laser technology. Information about different sectors, material reports, expertise from theory and practice and application samples – up-to-date, informative and always ahead with the latest trends.

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Processing and marking at the same time

In our last Newsletters we presented our automation solution for textile processing: the Conveyor System. Today we would like to present some expedient optional expansions for textile processing. The Label Module for labelling your goods, the Ink Printer Module for accurate printing of fine lettering and images, the Ink Marker Module for sewing markings and the Marker Module for drawing. You can...



Technical adhesive foils

Part 5 in our series looks this time at technical adhesive foils. There are a multitude of self-adhesive foils that are used universally in many fields and that depending on the area of application have and indeed must have different properties. We will take a typical example from the automotive industry to show you the special advantages of cutting with laser.



The eurolaser team picks up speed

To round off a successful year our CEO and founder Matthias Kluczinski announced a very special kind of company outing. We exchanged our warm workplace for snow-covered ski slopes from 14th to 18th December 2016. The eurolaser team was thrilled by the invitation and looked forward to an exciting skiing trip adventure. The 66 members of the eurolaser team headed south in the comfort of modern...



A comparison of wood processing

Wood is still a very popular material. Due to its diverse applications it is used in many different branches. Laser technology offers very special advantages as a processing method. No tool wear, maximum precision and chipless processing, to mention just a few examples. We have looked at the standard processing methods and prepared a clear comparison.



New selectable Newsletter languages

As of now we are offering our Newsletter in another three languages. You can now also receive our news in Russian, Portuguese and Turkish. Information from the branch, material reports, theoretical and practical expertise plus application examples – up-to-date, informative and always ahead with the latest trends. Sign up and be inspired!



Christmas Fundraising Campaign

It has in the meantime become a tradition in our company to do without Christmas presents and to use the money saved to support social and regional projects instead. We will be supporting two different projects this year.

Our first donation this year will go to the Lüneburg "Leben leben" (Live life) Foundation, whose aim is to help people in particularly difficult circumstances. To this end the...



Winding Unit for the conveyor system

eurolaser has long since had a market-proven solution for the automatic processing of textiles: the conveyor system. There are, however, some applications where it is expedient to re-wind the material after cutting. Our winding unit is the ideal extension in such cases.



Foil back-molding

In our brief overview of foil back-molding (part 4 in the foil series), we present the process of back-molding, the most commonly used materials and processing possibilities. Our focus here is on the field of application in the automotive sector. The use of back-molded foils in particular is growing in this segment, which is why we are concentrating on this process.



CRYLUX™ from 3A undergoes laser testing

CRYLUX™ is the name of the new PMMA material from 3A Composites, with which the specialist for sheet material has now expanded its portfolio. Acrylic glass provides perfect transparency for displays and lively, intense colors for visual communication. We tested the material on our laser systems in three thicknesses (10, 15 and 20 mm). Find out more about the laser cutting of CRYLUX™.



The unloading table for non-stop production

The unloading table is an extension of the table that allows the ready cut textile to be removed from the laser system during the cutting process. The table extension has the additional advantage of enabling the material to be removed from three sides, which in turn boosts flexibility in the production process even further.


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