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How Winkler was able to sustainably modernize its production

In 2004 the family company Winkler switched from manual filter production to laser processing. While previously having to cut by hand with a knife and scissors and fuse the edges with a hot copper sheet or an open flame, these work steps are now carried out automatically with laser cutters from eurolaser. Winkler is now working with multiple L-1200 Conveyor cutting systems and has modernized its production this way.

Overview of the success story of Winkler Filtertechnik

Sustainable automation of work steps

  • With the eurolaser systems, Winkler was able to considerably increase its efficiency. Additional processing steps such as sewing or sealing the cut edges are no longer necessary
  • Not only the process reliability could be increased by automation; the switch from manual work to machine production has made work easier for employees and made it much safer
  • Thanks to the flexible laser cutters, Winkler can process a wide variety of technical textiles and efficiently produce both large and small series
  • The success with the laser systems and the cutting competence have gotten around, so that Winkler, as a contract manufacturer, also accepts laser cutting orders from the region

Dr. Dirk Schröer, Managing Director of Winkler GmbH:

„The L-1200 was the best acquisition for the company that we could ever make and it has become the heart of our production. We are convinced of eurolaser system. When it comes to quality, the Zünd movement system is simply unsurpassed. The high repeat accuracy is a real plus point and without a laser, our production in this form would no longer be possible. Cutting by hand would mean an enormous amount of additional work. For us, there is no alternative to the laser."

The challenge of Winkler GmbH: Efficiently automate error-prone processing

Winkler GmbH is a family company that has existed for several generations. In 2004, when the management was handed over, ideas for modernization arose. It took several steps from textile to usable filter, which slowed down the efficiency. The cut edges of the hand-cut parts had to be laboriously sewn or fused. A new solution was needed, not only to replace the outdated machining methods, but also to impress with precision and efficiency and to cope with the wide variety of materials at Winkler.

The solution of eurolaser:

L-1200 Conveyor reduces the workload

eurolaser had a holistic solution ready: the L-1200 Conveyor. The various technical textiles can be processed straight from the roll. The laser works quickly and precisely - one cut part is the same as another! Thanks to the laser cut, the edges are evenly sealed in the same work step. No need for sewing the edges. The filters stay evenly flat without any thickening of the edge. The contactless cut does not warp the material and incorrectly cut parts are a thing of the past. This means that both large and small series can be produced without retooling.

To the laser system L-1200

Laser has become indispensable part of the production

Winkler has now picked eurolaser for the third time and is currently processing around 50-60 different filter textiles with the machines, some of them even in small batches. The efficiency of the operation could thereby be multiplied. The possibility of integrating additional tools into the system is particularly appreciated. With the pen module, seqing marks are placed on the textile with an accuracy of a tenths of a millimeter. The successful application at Winkler has meanwhile got around and inquiries are reveived regularly. In addition to filter production, Winkler is now also active in contract manufacturing.

Product samples:

Winkler GmbH
Werther in Westfalen / Germany

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