SIMPLYCUT Laser Technik by Carmagnani

How Carmagnani increased SIMPLYCUT sales by more than 50%

SIMPLYCUT Lasertechnik is Carmagnani’s online store for on-demand manufacturing, specialized in laser cutting and engraving acrylics, wood materials, plastics, foams, cardboard and paper. The company has been working with laser technology for many years. Previously dissatisfied with the service and performance, the company decided to instead invest in a eurolaser XL-1600 laser system. After a short time, the decision was successful and brought a 50% increase in sales.

SIMPLYCUT success story at a glance

Faster and more cost-effective production thanks to investment in eurolaser

  • The smart combination of software and hardware saves time in data preparation and makes it easier to achieve perfect results. Intuitive operation reduces the need for training.
  • The sophisticated high-tech extration and filter concept for clean air allows the laser system to be set up in a residential area and fits perfectly into the production process.
  • The overall faster and cheaper production makes SIMPLYCUT and Carmagnani even more attractive for their customers as a service provider. One result of this is an increase in sales of more than 50%.
  • The XL-1600 works clearly at high speeds, even when cutting curves, ensuring high efficiency.

Daniel Carmagnani, Managing Director of Carmagnani and SIMPLYCUT:

„After we were no longer satisfied with our previous laser manufacturer, we started looking for another supplier and quickly came across eurolaser. Succeeding 3 months of production we can say: eurolaser has far exceeded our expectations in terms of machine, software and service!"

SimplyCut challenge: Accessibility and reliability in service

The main reason for changing the last manufacturer was the high level of dissatisfaction with the service. In addition to a solution for the contract manufacturer’s diverse applications, trust therefore had to be built – service quality as well as accessibility were the main focus. In addition, the company’s production is located in the residential area, which required the installation of a high-tech extraction and filtration system.

> Learn more about the eurolaser exhaust and filter concept

eurolaser solution:

XL-1600 for single jobs and series production with high material diversity

Together with SIMPLYCUT, eurolaser has found a solution that precisely meets its specific requirement. As a contract manufacturer, the company processes a wide range of materials: acrylic, various, plastics, materials made of wood, glass and paper goods. Perfect, then, for the XL-1600 Allrounder, on which even full plate formats can be accommodated, cut to size and engraved. From very small batches of just one piece to elaborate series productions, Carmagnani can fulfill a wide variety of jobs with SIMPLYCUT. Regular system maintenance and safety checks, individual advice, and immediate availability in an emergency have convinced Carmagnani of eurolaser over the long term.

To the laser system XL-1600

Managing director of SIMPLYCUT is convinced of eurolaser

“We use all the possibilities of laser technology for our customers! With our eurolaser XL-1600, we cut great material thicknesses, depending on the condition, with a processing area of 2270 mm x 1600 mm,”

enthuses Daniel Carmagnani, Managing Director of SIMPLYCUT and Carmagnani. Thanks to the many orders the contract manufacturer receives, new applications are found for the laser system every day. With the renowned eurolaser service, the company is now in good hands.

Product samples:

SIMPLYCUT Lasertechnik by Carmagnani

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