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Industrial adhesive foils

Industrial tapes are the ideal choice for high-performance industrial applications. However, the material presents ist processors with major challenges. Here the CO2 laser impresses with its absolute precision and flexible application options.



MasterJet by IGEPA cut with eurolaser

Paper manufacturer IGEPA has just launched MasterJet E200 Trend, a PVC-free, environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable film. We tested the world novelty on our machines. Results: excellently suited for laser cutting!


Design innovation by Neschen - New material laser tested!

Application for easySTYLE

eurolaser has tested the self-adhesive decor easySTYLE by Neschen with the result: excellently suitable for laser cutting! easySTYLE is a modern, self-adhesive decor-foil mainly used for interior design and architecture.


Laser cutting brings spacer fabrics into perfect shape

Spacer fabrics processed by eurolaser

Fused cut edges with maximum accuracy: The use of laser cutting machines when processing spacer fabrics offers a number of advantages over other tools. More and more processors of modern textiles rely on automated, customer-specific systems from eurolaser.


3 in 1 - Tool variety with eurolaser

Beispiel für die eurolaser Werkzeugvielfalt

Process your material on eurolaser systems with different tools. Expand your range of products and avoid high investments. In addition to a large range of Zund tools, well thought-out extensions from eurolaser are also available.



Laser cutting of protective gear

Protective gear

Personal safety is the top priority for rescuers and protectors. Police, the Federal Armed Forces, fire brigades, and fire protection as well as all security companies throughout Germany therefore rely on modern high-tech textiles. However, their processing presents the manufacturers of personal protective equipment (PPE) with new and demanding challenges.


Laser cutting and engraving of acrylic glass

acrylic sample peacock colored

Safe, clean and extremely efficient: laser cut and engrave acrylic glass.

Laser cutting systems from eurolaser enable contactless cutting of PMMA without post-processing.

Learn more about your options of cutting PMMA and acrylics with a eurolaser system.


High quality cases and case systems

W.AG has an extensive machinery, which has also included a 400 watt eurolaser XL-1600 since 2019. The powerful laser cutting system is used for foam processing. If required, the cutting edge can be easily fused using the thermal laser cutting process. Consequently, the foam inlays are more resistant and more durable in frequent use.


Laser creates breathtaking details

Finest contours, details and reliefs in wood processing can be made by laser only. Tactile methods such as sawing or milling cannot keep up with this. The diameter or thickness of the tool already limits filigree work. But also the contact free processing has many advantages, especially when working with wood.


Upgrades and extensions thanks to modular system design

Did you identified new markets? Your laser system is already getting on in years? No problem, due to the modular design of the eurolaser systems you are always up-to-date. Profit from system upgrades, tool extensions and software updates.


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