Integrating eurolaser into existing production workflows

‘Workflow’ is a great challenge in the Print&Cut market. It has to be possible to integrate new finishing machines seamlessly into the already existing workflow. So, the software used must have open and automatic interfaces to standard design, illustration, CAD and RIP programmes.

With our ‘LaserScout’ software solution, you can import the workflow of your I-Cut or Zünd-Cut Centre trouble-free and continue processing automatically.

LaserScout has an automatic Print&Cut data import for the following RIP software manufacturers: Caldera, ColorGATE, EFI, ErgoSoft, GMG ProductionSuite, ONYX, Wasatch, Prepare-it, ZCC, I-Cut.

Besides, operators can go on working as usual, because they need no special training. The usual processes including prepress remain in place. This saves the user time and reduces costly operator errors.

1. Step: Design and preparation of the laser cut in the prepress phase

The laser data are prepared in Illustration software (Illustrator or CorelDRAW) or in the RIP. The design is created in the Illustration software by the user himself or else the data are imported. The cutting contours and register marks are embedded in the design with the LaserScout plugins implemented in the Illustration software.If RIP software is used, the creation of the cutting contours, the register marks and the bar code is carried out in the RIP. The design file is transmitted to the printer with the register marks and where applicable with a barcode.

2. Step: Printing

The print data are processed; design, register marks and barcode are printed onto the desired material. Whereby, the cutting contours for the laser are ignored here. The complete print is now ready for laser processing. The whole job file is loaded in LaserScout in OXF format and is ready for cutting.

3. Step: Laser finishing

The finished print is now placed on the laser system. LaserScout opens the respective file when the barcode is scanned and compares the scanned register mark positions with the marks from the laser job. The laser process starts as soon the system has recognised the exact position of the prints. The intelligent optical register routines ensure perfect results in both size and shape. The lasered end products are ready for delivery with hardly any operator intervention – 100% accuracy despite minimum processing time.

Simplified process thanks to barcode integration

Pre-defined Print&Cut data can be scanned in with a barcode reader. This results in even higher productivity. The barcode matches the printed material directly with the corresponding cutting contours.

Key benefits at a glance:

  • You can go on using your existing Print&Cut workflow
  • You can boost productivity with the integrated barcode function
  • You can optimise process reliability by preventing operating errors
  • You can save time and resources with a simplified production process

JOBIDENT - Automation of the machining process

LaserScout JOBIDENT enables the assignment of different application jobs by the reading out of the existing QR code. The job file identified is uploaded in the user interface automatically and the production process (i.e. laser cut, milling, engraving or labelling) started automatically.

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