How does the way you store acrylic affect the cutting edge?

Tips for perfect results

Ensure that the storage space is dry and protected from the weather. Acrylic glass is hygroscopic to a certain degree, i.e. it absorbs water. Especially in the winter months, storage rooms quickly become damp in colder ambient temperatures. At high air humidity levels, the acrylic sheets absorb some of the moisture which abruptly becomes steam during the cutting process creating unsightly bubbles along the cutting edge.

That is why we recommend storing acrylic sheets in a well-ventilated and average temperature space at around 15°C and covering them, where possible, with thick cardboard or cloth. You should also not expose the material to direct sunlight as the protective film becomes porous with excessive heat development. Besides, very long storage periods have an impact as well.

The protective film can shrink resulting, in the worst case scenario, in the material becoming unusable as the film can no longer be peeled off without leaving a residue.


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